Slow server in Stockholm

Server Stockholm is very slow. Whats wrong?


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    You must not forget that speed depends on your distance from it, server speed and you ISP bandwidth, for instance I have faster speed when connected to London or Brussels, my rig being in northern France, I suggest you try different locations, with an identical load (i.e. file download) and use Speedtest each time to have a reliable info  if you live in Sweden.

    I suggest you do a for curiosity skae.

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    I try to watch server stockholm from Finland (which is very close) and it still doesn't work. The connection is extremely slow.
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    why not espoo Finland ?

  • The server in Stockholm is indeed unacceptably slow since Friday when trying to connect from the Netherlands. In practise impossible to use. Now it even fails to create location "Stockholm". Trying to access a geoblocked site it informs that the content is only available from Sweden. It is not a question of my local bandwith. Non geoblocked content from Sweden works well. Also setting location "London" and looking at geoblocked content creates no problem. Prior to Friday this week the VPN connection through Stockholm has worked perfectly.


    Is anyone at F-secure paying any attention? 

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    today is sunday, don't forget it Smiley Wink

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    Hello all,


    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Looks like our Swedish location has been in trouble for a couple of days. We are working to fix it as quickly as possible.


    PS: I moved the post to a more relevant board.

  • Thanks for coming back to us. Looking forward to seeing the problem fixed.
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    The Swedish location should now be back working normally. Let us know if you still experience slowness there.

  • Works fine. Thanks
  • What is and where do I find the "accept as solution" button?
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    Hi Norrland,


    You can find the 'Accept as solution' button below the post of others. You can click on the appropriate post which solved the issue.

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