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We have five devices.  Three laptops with F-secure internet security, two run Vista and one ran Windows7, but I just updated it to Windows10.  Then we have two Windows phones with F-secure free.  One of the vista laptops has problems with its screen. so I bought a Windows10 laptop and am in the process of moving my data and programs from the verge of death vista laptop to the Windows 10 laptop, a process that frightens me. 

The F-secure site is not clear to me; it is not clear what the various programs offer.  F-secure Free seems good.  Is Freedome as good, or better?  It apparently tracks you to see if anyone else is tracking you, and I don't like the idea of being tracked.  But windows10 apparently also tracks you.


I have a month until some products license s expire, and four months until the others expire, so I have time to think about it, but right now I am thinking that buying 5 F-secure free licenses is the best option.



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    Hi Ihavenone,


    You can check this link in order to compare the F-Secure products in order to find the product for protection. There is a comparison of the various features available with the different Security products which might help you to decide.


    Freedome is an online privacy and security app for all your desktop and mobile devices. Freedome creates a secure, encrypted connection from you and your device to the F-Secure Cloud. You may find more details about Freedome in the Freedome website here or from the Freedome Knowledge Base.


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