What product to get?


We have five devices.  Three laptops with F-secure internet security, two run Vista and one ran Windows7, but I just updated it to Windows10.  Then we have two Windows phones with F-secure free.  One of the vista laptops has problems with its screen. so I bought a Windows10 laptop and am in the process of moving my data and programs from the verge of death vista laptop to the Windows 10 laptop, a process that frightens me. 

The F-secure site is not clear to me; it is not clear what the various programs offer.  F-secure Free seems good.  Is Freedome as good, or better?  It apparently tracks you to see if anyone else is tracking you, and I don't like the idea of being tracked.  But windows10 apparently also tracks you.


I have a month until some products license s expire, and four months until the others expire, so I have time to think about it, but right now I am thinking that buying 5 F-secure free licenses is the best option.




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