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Hey f-secure,


for some time now i have been using Freedome-VPN. Sadly my Macbook died last year and i have to continue working on my desktop-PC.  But since i always have used 3 devices i now cant use freedome on my pc. Could you reset all activated devices for a given key?


For further information, please send a private message.


Best, Sebastian.


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    Hi and welcome to our Community, Sebastian!


    Have you tried to validate the code in your Desktop-PC? Is there any error message seen when you try to validate the code? If yes, please do post a screenshot of the error message.


    There is no option to reset the licenses for the Freedome code. Our RND is working on this functionality.

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    Hi Sebastian,


    Quick update for your question posted.


    Our latest version of Freedome for PC allows you to transfer your licence (this should also work in case of a clean reinstallation). Please check this article for more information on how to do that.


    Make sure that you have the latest version installed(v1.1.2531.0 ) in use. If not, uninstall and reinstall the latest version on your PCs.

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