new license for 5 units.

Hi, I've been using F-secure for many years now, but 2. November I needed protection for more units. I purchased F-secure SAFE for 5 units, I paid with PayPal, $59.99, and it was confirmed.

So far, so good.. But three days ago, 12. desember, I got mail from you that says my testperiod is finished! I have payd for 5 units for one year! Could you please fix this mistake asap.?

I tried to contacy you 12. desember, but I've only got an automatic reply so far.

Thanks, Hallgeir Olden

tl. +xxxxxxx

[email protected]

reference number: xxxxxxx

                                                                           subscription code: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx



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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,674 Superuser
    You need to edit your post to remove your subscription code, as this forum is openly viewable.
  • Hi, why can't you do what's necessary?


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Hallgeir,


    Welcome to our community! Regarding your post, you can always edit your post by clicking on Options (on the right side of your post) > Edit message. I have just edited it for you so your personal information is not shown.


    I see you are having issues with your SAFE account and its license purchase. But, based on the license code, it seems to be to a different product than SAFE. In this case, my suggestion would be to open a support ticket as licensing/account issues are to be handled outside the community, directly with our support team. Since you have already contacted our support team, can you send me a private message (Click on my User name Laksh > Under 'Contact Me' > Click 'Send this user a private message') of your ticket number so that I can highlight about your post with the support team?


  • Hi, I tried to follow your instructions, but when I came to "contact me", there was no choice for sending mail.

    In the confirming mail (to my private mail) from you 2. november, it says: 12 months for 5 devices for F-secure Freedome. There are 4 mails from you that day. One from F-secure, two from Cleverbidge, and one from PayPal. Can't you just use my private mail or phone me to clear things up?

    Thanks, Hallgeir


  • Laksh
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    Hi Hallgeir,


    As per your last post, you have mentioned that your purchase details show as "12 months for 5 devices for F-secure Freedome" and not as SAFE. May be this might be the issue as Freedome is different from SAFE. However, I have highlighted your post to our support team in your respective case opened with our support. They will be getting back to you soon for further information.



  • Hi, I guess you have the same mails as I from 2. nov.

    The first mail from F-secure says: Thank you for choosing F-secure SAFE.

    The second mail gives me a reference number and the invoice for PayPal.

    The third mail gives me the subscription code for F-secure Freedome.

    The fourth mail is a receipt from PayPal saying I have paid $59.99 for F-secure Freedome.

    I don't actually know the difference between Freedome and Safe, all I want is to get my security back so I can use my laptop and other devices.

    Time is running, your support team has not yet responded, it,s been 7 days since I opened the case, how difficult can this be?

    Please hurry.

    Thanks, Hallgeir

  • Dear F-secure, it's now been 9 days, nothing happens.

    As I see it, this problem is very easy to solve.

    Just give me a new valid code for 5 items, one year, just what I have paid for.

    And also give me a valid campaign name as your systems also asked me for that information.

    Impress me now.

    Thanks, Hallgeir


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