netsh.exe ipv6 error after update

yanner Posts: 2 New Member

I did an update for Freedome and after that I haven't been able to connect. I keep getting the netsh.exe ipv6 error and I've tried to restart all the services mentioned in other posts as well as the netsh resets from command line as admin, checking the registry entry for disabling ipv6 and I didn't have that registry entry. I tried also to reinstall the whole freedome and it still doesn't work. I have had this same problem with the update before and then I was able to overcome it by reinstalling. I forgot to mention I also tried to check that the ipv6 check box is checked for the connection I am using but no luck.


What could I try next to fix this problem? I have Win7 SP1 64 bit on Lenovo E540.


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