TP148 Windows Client Release

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FS Protection PC Release 148

  • Common Component Framework 2.48 build 341
  • Antivirus 14.148 build 100
  • Browsing protection 2.148 build 3594

New features

  • Lithuanian language support added
  • New user interface launcher should reduce the startup impact.
  • "Product timeline" changed to "Recent events". Link to "Events" is now available from Antivirus Main UI and F-Icon.
  • User interface style changes: buttons are rounded, more dialogs use native frames with native close buttons.


  • Windows action center now shows product as "Antivirus by F-Secure" compared to previous "Antivirus".

Browsing Protection:

  • Suspicious and not trustworthy web sites now are blocked by default. User can disable the blocking through Settings.

Fixed issues

  • Text is not vertically centered in all buttons (CTS-96829)
  • Misleading "Cancel" option when removing previous version (CTS-96816)
  • Disabled button is hard to read (CTS-96815)
  • UAC shield icon is too large compared to text in network installer (CTS-96809)
  • Desktop shortcut icon looks bad on high DPI (CTS-96788)
  • About box right-click context menu not properly localized (CTS-96790)
  • Buttons should have semibold font weight (CTS-96813)
  • Interactive upgrade dialog launched for wrong logged in user (CTS-96789)
  • Desktop shortcut created after every reboot (CTS-96787)
  • Custom close button very hard to see (CTS-96760)
  • Truncation in support tool title (PL) (CTS-96745)
  • Unlocalized title in support tool (FI) (CTS-96744)
  • Help does not properly support high DPI scaling (CTS-96712)


  • CompSec keeps answering "Turning on", but nothing happens (CTS-96741)
  • SAFE_BUG-00911 fshoster32.exe returns error "0x0000b800" memory could not be written during update reboot (CTS-96801)
  • Windows Security Center & Windows Defender Issues on Windows 10 Upgrade (CTS-96197)
  • Compsec "View the product tools" mismatch between help and UI (CTS-96828)
  • Button size wrong in DeepGuard prompt (CTS-96838)
  • SAFE_BUG-00497: The updater hangs the whole OS with "virhe vakoiluohjelmilta suojautumisessa" (CTS-95917)
  • Skipping scheduled scan creates empty report (CTS-96773)
  • Product timeline icon question mark when mouse hover (CTS-96763)
  • CS banner in FS protection is colorless (CTS-96761)
  • "Application permissions" doesn´t open on XP (CTS-96752)
  • Problems in IS and SA UI (CTS-96748)
  • LTH: Lithuanian texts not shown because of wrong language identifier in XMLs (CTS-96710)
  • LTH: Scan Wizard localization issues (CTS-96700)
  • Long operator name causes scroll bar in launch bar (CTS-96680)
  • WTS flyer has white text color in XP (CTS-96767)
  • Link for scheduled scan report missing from menu (CTS-96823)
  • Deepguard Application block UI is broken (CTS-96749)
  • LTH: CompSec problems (CTS-96714)
  • SAFE_BUG-00882Smiley Very Happyoes buttons should be with current positions? (CTS-96697)
  • Manual scan item menu is see trough and hard to select (CTS-96679)
  • SAFE_BUG-00832: CRASH: fshoster32.exe AntiVirus.dll_unloaded. (CTS-96648)
  • FCH crash @ FCH32!cancelWork+0x84 (CTS-96638)
  • Scan not Reporting & Cleaning Emails Accurately (CTS-96549)
  • Text hard to read with new customizations (CTS-96807)



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  • K4MIL
    K4MIL Posts: 1 New Member

    For me it installs only browsing protectionSmiley Sad

    Bez tytułu.png

  • Ville
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    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,637 Superuser



    New logo-picture, colors-design (of buttons mainly) and some other changes with current TP looks like "pretty nice" for my "dreams".


    Also nice (maybe) that facebook-button was dropped from UI. Or it's planned to be replaced?!



  • Ville
    Ville Posts: 688 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi @Ukko


    You're right. The Facebook 'like' button was removed from the user interface. This is missing from the release notes.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,637 Superuser



    Thanks for your reply and information!

    And sorry... that I decided to create some new questions now Smiley Sad


    Mainly it will be about Browsing Protection and SafeSearch:


    I ---->> Browsing Protection extensions start be not signed for Firefox again?


    Not really sure about how it should be. I use Firefox with some of machines just time to time. So... I don't have experience about time, when there was story about "unsigned" extensions and other.

    But release-notes (for previous TP) have next one:

    Browsing protection extension signed as required by Firefox version 40.0 onward

    Safe Search extension signed as required by Firefox version 40.0 onward


    Today... I launch one of machines, where installed Firefox and where was outdated FS Protection (15.3?! maybe).

    So.. upgraded FS Protection (to latest TP) and after that upgraded Firefox (with installing extension as new one with "old version of Firefox").

    After upgrade... Firefox have version 41.0.1 (maybe it's main reason) ;

    And Browsing protection extension have description about "could not be verified for use" (but extension probably work).

    I decided to re-install extensions (by feature under settings) and make Firefox as main browser (for installing Safe Search extension).


    So.. after restart.. there anyway have something about both extensions as "description/notification" by Firefox under "Add-ons Manager" that it's could not be verified for use in Firefox.


    Does it mean there something another or "previous known situation about unsigned add-ons" goes back (which was fixed for Firefox 40)?

    How I can to understand extensions normally work.



    II ---->> SafeSearch toolbar (extension) picture with new TP (or maybe not just with new). And Firefox-design.


    I'm not sure... but probably there can be strange situation about "SafeSearch" toolbar with next points:


    -> With Internet Explorer... there have picture-logo around "search-form". And current picture probably not optimized for size. Text not really "certain" and picture looks like not nice.

    -> With Firefox... there simply dropped picture-logo around search-form. And just have search-form .

    Also there have "question"-button..... such as "help" - how to remove/what is it/how to use.. about Safe Search.

    So... when I choose it....  in somewhat reason... browser think about Chrome (but happened under Firefox).

    Such as opened next link: chrome://safesearch/content/help/help_en.html    ... and description comes focused about Chrome-instructions (or maybe it's just first under list, but probably previously was another design) - which basically same with Internet Explorer (about focus-place).

    Some kind of design... or there randomly "firefox extension safe search" think that it's installed under chrome?

    And situation around look of toolbar/picture/name probably known.


    Sorry for not nice English and questions again.



  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    I've got Version 15.4.012441 FS_PROT

    Is that TP 148? If not how can I tell which TP version?

    Working smoothly, apparently using just safe sites and appa. The onlz time I notice it is when the apps are updated or I connecto a new network

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,637 Superuser



    Your version-number as "15.4.012441 FS_PROT' more looks like Android-platform based.

    Such as I goes to re-check it with Android device and it's same with my experience. It's also was with upgrade/update recently.


    But probably TP148 (as client-release 148) number related just with desktop (Windows client version).

    I think all of supported platforms have different "version-style" about builds or some kind of "main version".


    Sorry for my reply.

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