Reuse of License when computer crashed


I am using Interndet security 2015 and had a computer cash.

I have no possibility to deinstall the product from the charsed computer.

The License is reported as "Used" and not reuseableblocked.


How can I reused the License from the crashed computer ?


  • Tiro
    Tiro Posts: 2


    thanks for the feedback.

    Unfortunately the PC died completely.

    I had to buy a new PC.



  • Simon
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    The same should still apply. You can still transfer the license to the new machine.
  • martink
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    For me that does not work just like that.

    I forgot to use the WIndows uninstaller to uninstall F-S IS and used F-Secure uninstall tool.

    The nreinstalled and gave the same key, was not asked anything.

    Before the reinstall there were two license available with three weeks to expiry.

    After the reinstall the PC had new ID and different key and 30 day trial and no licenses available.

    Since the license was about the expired that really does not matter that much.


    However, when reinstalling Freedome the licensing server knew which PC it was without me giving any information.

    That is the way F-S IS shoudl behave as well and not issue new device ID's and take new licenses.

  • Ville
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    Hi @martink


    When all licenses are used, you will get the option to re-use an existing license in the new installation.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • martink
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    Nroamlly when I type in the key it would say that all licenses are used or none available and then give the option. In this case it did not.


    To be the bigger point is that the way F-S IS talkts to licsing server it does not recognize the PC like Freedome does and will happily give a new device Id and use another license.


    As I wrote in this case that does not matter much because the license was about to expire, but having more than half a dozen  PC's and having both 1 - 10 user licenses for 1 - 3 years with their 1 - 6 motnh bonuses with different keys will create an unmanageable mess in ten years.


    If the licensing server would indentify the PC uniquely regardless of the key used that would make it much simpler.

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