FS Protection installers for Android


Just wondering...

Wanted to install FS protection on android and was looking for the installer.

Not in Tools on FS Protection, just for WIndows

Not on My FS Protection

Though the Overview on FS Protection says that All the installers can be found there. 


Well, you could argue that Add a device implies that you want to install as well.

If you decide go that way for trial and error you can see that the device can be of any supported type and a little later how you get to the install even on android.


Was that a palikkatesti to keep dummies out of beta testing? ;-)


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    Hi @martink


    Go to Play Store and search for "FS Protection". You can install it through there.



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    it seems like the centercode site is specifically geared towards the win10 integration (like every other anti-virus vendor out there, apparently 10 is the only important OS). but, becoming a tester appears to also open up the same product family. it would be nice if they clarified that.
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    Thansk @Ville


    "Go to Play Store and search for "FS Protection". You can install it through there."

    Sounds like anybody can go there and does not have to be in the beta test program.

    Is that correct?

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    Sorry for my reply.


    With my experience (about Windows Phone)... it's will be just installed as "trial-time" from Store.


    But for full usage... probably you have to use it more time, than just two weeks (or related time).


    So potentially... with Android platform... can be same situation and not really anyone can to go use FS Protection, when license-key (not just as trial or forever-trial?!) comes just under beta-portal.


    Just as suggestion. :)

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    Sorry for my reply.


    Probably.. if you have My FS Protection account.... it's will be same with situation, when you have valid account for beta-portal.



    I goes to re-check with one of Android-devices. Goes to google-play.. downloaded FS Protection and it's comes as "trial-time": one week.

    I skip step... where need to choose "I already have a My FS Protection account" or "Create new one My FS Protection account". With skip-action... FS Protection comes as trial-time.


    Probably if I choose "my FS Protection account" it will be with prompt (how I remember steps with another devices) to login under My FS Protection portal, where I have to use credentials (which provided under beta-portal).

    If I choose "create new one" (probably it's should be link for beta-portal... or for My Fs Protection portal, but there will be stuck?! or something as workaround for get valid account credentials).



    about installers... it's should be comes under My FS Protection portal for both platforms.

    You can to choose it for device..... or can to create link (sms/mail-letter) and will be "promo"-page with installers. Such as.. you choose a platform and goes to get installers for Windows/Mac or re-direct for mobile stores (as examples).


    But for license-key (valid one) required: My FS Protection account.

    For "My FS Protection" account probably required: beta-portal account or..... some of workarounds (which can be there).


    With FS Protection design about installers same with F-Secure SAFE. There have "portal", where user can to rule. Such as.. user can to manage licenses (under license-key/subscription) between devices/for devices and other related steps, where can be stuck situations before.


    Sorry for my long reply Smiley Sad .

    And not nice English.

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