TP146 Windows client release

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FS Protection PC Release 146

  • Common Component Framework 2.46 build 196
  • Antivirus 14.146 build 100
  • Browsing protection 2.145 build 3520

New features

  • High DPI dialog scaling support enabled. Please note that due to limitations of Qt library, only 100%, 200%, 300%, 400% and 500% scaling are supported. (So 125% or 150% will not scale). When reporting bugs related to this feature, please take a screenshot of the problem and attach it to the bug report.


  • Main UI tabs have been redesigned.
  • BlackLight engine has been removed as no longer needed.
  • The scenario of stopping the manual scan has been improved.
  • The scenario where many harmful items (over 100) are detected during a manual scan has been improved.
  • Events of malware detection by real-time protection are stored in product timeline.
  • History of manual and scheduled scanning reports is stored in product timeline.

Fixed issues

  • Crash: <Unloaded_fsav32.dll>+0x1b225 (CTS-96637)
  • If gaming mode has prevented automatic check for updates, manual "Check now" button is disabled (CTS-96635)
  • When trying to renew subscription by running installer again, it may sometimes just open main UI (CTS-96632)
  • Crash dump generation fails during system shutdown (CTS-96619)
  • If Windows 10 has partially removed product, running installer again does nothing (CTS-96609)


  • "Taking into use" when trying to open GUI (CTS-96606)
  • Protection Malfunction (CTS-95841)
  • Turn off confirmation popup title bar color mismatch (CTS-96175)
  • avhandler doing multi-channel operations (CTS-96523)
  • Scan wizard drag & drop = broken (CTS-96611)
  • PT-BR: New Scan Wizard localization issue (CTS-96498)
  • Old component name mentioned in status (CTS-96622)
  • TR: New Scan Wizard localization issue (CTS-96501)
  • If DB:s are not installed, clicking shell ext scan does nothing 1st time (CTS-96628)
  • Missing space in bulgarian ods string (CTS-96627)
  • CS install failure on Win 10 64bit (CTS-96419)
  • Multiple languages, missing space (" ") after colon (":") in scanning report (CTS-96506)
  • New Scan wizard stays at 100% Scanning (CTS-96327)



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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    A slow install on my Windows 10 laptop, but to be fair, it was competing with Windows Updates, which are difficult to control now.  All seems OK though.


    With regards the new UI tweaks, it looks OK, but everything just seems to be getting more bland, and the UI as a whole doesn't really look very exciting or inspiring, in my honest opinion.  Even the desktop and systray icons are very plain.  I wonder if there are some people on here who could have a go at designing some new icons, at least, and whether these suggestions would be welcomed?


    I'll be installing this on my Windows 7 machine later, in the hope that this will cure the 'protection malfunction' issues I've been having over the last day or two, which seem to have suddenly manifested out of nowhere (or, possibly out of a bad update?)

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,619 Superuser



    I'm sorry for my reply and some questions....


    With new TP-release and new feature about Chronology (time-line) \ detected files.... there I can to think about next strange (?) points:


    ---> Many detections per moment.

    Previously it was maybe not so critical (but anyway was with same result), but now there new addition (that it's work more stable, than before).

    I mean next situation: when malicious file detected/downloaded: F-Secure prompted by pop-up (right-down/taskbar?! corner) about 'malicious file successfully deleted'. Current action goes to be under list of timeline (chronology).

    But if current pop-up/prompt not closed (just it's still there... as show/visible window)... all other (next or any?) detections will be missing under chronology-list.

    Previously it was same with history of spyware/viruses (removal history), which replaced for new feature now; and with previous design of chronology list and malicious files deleted. But time to time with previous design... more items goes be listed under table (of removal history). Now it's stable ignore all detections (?) after first one.. if we not close pop-up/prompt/notification about deleted it.


    Maybe it's not critical anyway. Just there can be missing deleted/detected items potentially. but maybe can not be too much often.


    ----> When delete/clear/quarantine action goes be not work... such as "visible-view of that": if Scan Wizard UI comes with "malicious files does not sorted" (not possible to clean/remove by some reasons) .... Chronology comes with "entry" - that malicious files was sorted.  Such as there not visible different between situations, when:

     - malicious files successfully handled.

     - malicious files does not get any of actions. or something goes wrong.

    Chronology will be with same description "malicious file was sorted during manual scan".


    Sorry for my reply.



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