How to retrieve Account-ID for Freedome subscription



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    Hi SirCosmin,


    May I know if your have any other device which has Freedome installed using the same multi device license apart from the iOS device? We have the license transfer function with Freedome but this is available for the Windows/Mac/Android OS at the moment.


    If you have any other device with the above OS, you can try to uninstall and reinstall Freedome which will initiate the license transfer. Then, you can use that code for your iOS device as well.

  • Hello i News help getting My account id for My freedom liscense. I bought it for 1 year 3 liscenses. Byt i can't find any email with the code in it. I bought it on the freedom official site.

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    Hi Plenninge,


    Do you have the purchase details for Freedome like the email address used during the purchase or the order number etc? If yes, please send me a private message with the purchase details so that I can check further.


  • Hi! No i dont. I have the date,but i did not receive an email, that i can find.

  • I bought it with my companies discount. Can that help?

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    Dont't know if anyone still is struggling with this problem but I figured out my own, similar to what I read here. When I bought the subscription through the freedome application it never sent me the code to my e-mail. The page simply showed it to me once and then disappeared. I got it to work by registering to f-secure with the computer that currently is protected with f-secure: (

    After logging in to my account it was easy to get the remaining protection licenses to other devices.

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    Ups, actually I still have the same problem. When I registered I got a free 1 month trial automatically. But I bought the one year subscription that is not linked to my f-secure account. Don't know how to retrieve my code. I bought my code directly through the Freedome IOS application.

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    Hi @The_Noob,


    Based on your description, I believe you have used the trial version of TOTAL (which combines SAFE and Freedome).


    Did you buy Freedome via the Apple app store? If you have bought it via the app store, there is no code as the purchase is linked to your appstore email address. You can click on Restore Purchase in your Freedome to retrieve the license.

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    Hi, and thankyou for the quick answer.

    I checked your solution but did not find the restore purchase button. That is because I have the freedome application installed on my macbook (OSX), not on IOS as earlier explained.

    I did not buy the subscription or application through the app store, but directly from your website. I activated the subscription with the given code on your website after purchase. However, I did not realize to save it anywhere.

    Can I restore the purchase through the desktop application?

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    Hi The_Noob,


    If you have purchased it directly from us, could you please provide us the purchase details/email address used during the purchase to check further? Please send it as a private message to me.


    Alternatively, you can also find the order email in your email inbox (which will have the license details).

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