Re: Freedome beta, evals and licensed product

No more answers.

I did install the beta on a PC which did not have Freedome of any sort installed.

This is the way it worked for me:


You install the Freedome beta. It behaves like the standard install: it installs the 14 day eval.

On your beta project page you have the bonus code for 90 days. When you apply that code it exstends the license to a total of 104 days.

So it behaves like an upgrade when you are installing.


No idea what happens after that 104 days other than that it will expire.

Can you extend it by just giving the code for the licensed product or do you have to install the beta at that time first .



  • martink
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    So I have the beta installed now.


    "Please try the Freedome beta and you can always post your feedbacks in the Beta board! Happy testing!"


    I am being educated as I am accustomed to feedback being directed to a specific recipient or recipient group which does not necessarily mean that somebody reads it. Feedback can be something other than bug reports and feature requests like like or dislike of the features when the project is working as designed. Community discussion boards on the other hand can contain all kinds of posts like questions, requests for help etc.


    The education I am getting is that with the beta projects regular feedback (not bug reports or feature requests) should go on the discussion boards among all other stuff. For awareness that works the same way as traditional feedback: there is no promise that somebody will read it.


    If it is expected that feedback other than bug reports and feature requests should go on the message boards the results migth be better with users less familiar with the system like me if that were said in plain words rather than just saying give your feedback.



    Report bugs and enter feature requests on your personal beta project page and give you other feedback of any sort on the beta community discussion boards.


    (If I did not get educated correctly please advice)


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    Hi @martink, just to let you know, I have moved your respective reply regarding the Beta program to the Home Security Beta Programs board. Since the reply was pertaining to the Beta version, I have moved it to this board so that the Beta team can check your post.

  • martink
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    This can be closed. There was no real answer. Regarind the beta and eval the answer through practise was they work the same way and beta starts as eval with the beta fucntionality if no key is entered


    There was no answer regarding the question about the licenced product already installed and install of beta.

  • lycan666
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    i have registered for freedom tracker mapper app , it gave me a two month code but when i enter the code it says you cannot use this code because you have already used another one on this device freedome.png

  • my_id_ismartink
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    That sounds what they have told me about a eval code for a specific period.

    Did you have eval code applied previously?

    There is not much a user can do other than try to apply the commercial code.

    You need another PC for the beta.


  • lycan666
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    but why it should apply the code , i regularly test programs for developers , never had this issue , promo codes work over each other

  • my_id_ismartink
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    As I posted somewhere else Freedome is different.

    If I uninstall F-S IS and Freedome from Windows and then run the uninstall tool and reinstall.

    F-S IS pick a new device ID and does not know that it was installed on the same PC before while Freedome know that it was installed before after having a chat with the licensing server.



    Secondly allowing just one promo code is stopping people from running solely with promo codes.

  • lycan666
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    i understand the promo code issue , but generally the number of new testers a app has is very less , it generally your regular testers who follow through with all major changes

  • my_id_ismartink
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    That was my personal thinking with no cure.

    Raise bug report and send Freedome beta feedback to the email

    Somebody said they read them all, but there is just so much of them so it takes some time.

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