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Is it right that this is the forum for all betas and previews used home?

On the outset that it is I'll ask the following, if not please gimme the URL to the correct community


I also appled for the freedome beta.

Now, I already have the lincenced product and a 45 day version installed on the equipment I should want to use for the beta test.

I should assume that I can uninstall those and go for the beta. I should assume that

- the licenses will be set free

- the lincensing time will continue to run counting from the initial install and there is nothing that can be done about it.

- if the linsenses are set free and there is time remaining in the lincense period I an reinstall the licenced product when the beta project ends

Is that correct.

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  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer


  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer

    One more quiestion

    So if I have the 14 day eval or 45 day version with a code installed on my PC or pad

    will they uninstall so that the beta will install OK?

    If not is there a tool for Win and Android that I can use?

    For Win I should assume the uninstall tool would do it. Is there one for Android?

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    Hi martink,

    Based on your last reply, let me confirm, do you just have the trial version of the Freedome installed on your PC and would you like to install the Beta 45 day version?


    If yes, you can uninstall the Freedome trial using the Control Panel in your computer and using the Application Manager in your Android and this would uninstall the application. Then, proceed to reinstall the Beta version.

  • martinkmartink Posts: 402 Adventurer

    I do have a three user license installed on two PC's

    I have 14 day eval installed on one or two PC's I think. That is the commercial product without key right?

    There would then be good for the beta, jost regular uninstall.

    Then I have a couple of pads and droid phones where I should like to use the beta if the ! Gig memory allows.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Yes @martink, Freedome always includes a free 14-day trial for first-time users. The usual uninstallation method should work just fine.


    Please try the Freedome beta and you can always post your feedbacks in the Beta board! Happy testing! Smiley Happy

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