My Freedome subscription code is no longer valid

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This is written on F-Secure's Community: "Protect your identity!  Please remember that this is a public forum and it is available for anyone to view.  Therefore, you are strongly advised not to post personal details such as phone numbers, email addresses, or security / subscription codes, as this could lead to your privacy being compromised."


Even though that my problem is related to a subscription, I was ordered to come here to this forum to state my Freedome problem again, in public, even though I had previously used your Support form to write to you.



I assume then that the Support form is useless, so I think you should remove from your website, making your users' life difficult by making them register on this forum instead and making them writing everything in public.


My problem: Freedome updated itself, and when it restarted, I got a message stating that my code is invalid.


EDIT: Removed the picture as it contained Personal information.


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    Hi Username,


    Welcome to our F-Secure Community but sorry to hear about your inconvenience. I hope we can help you further on this issue.


    The F-Secure Community is a public space so it is not recommended to share any personal information in here. However, you can always post your comments about the issue you are facing without providing any subscription key details or any other personal information. We will try to help you based on your issue faced.


    For the subscription issue, I will contact you via PM for further checking. Once again, sorry for your inconvenience, we are here to help you! Smiley Happy

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    I have the same problem after I updated to Windows 10. Please help.

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