FS Protection and manual scanning

Seems that manual scan (fshoster32.exe) uses only one CPU on multi-core hardware. Platform: W7 64bit. A lot of free capacity. Elapsed times could be much shorter if all hw capacity could be used. Any comments on that?



  • blaah... wrong judgement from me. fssm32.exe eats all it can... But just wondering what fshoster32.exe is doing, when the scanner manager usually does the heavy job?

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    Hi @jran-jran


    • fssm32.exe is the scanner manager, it runs the scan engines that actually analyze every file
    • fshoster32.exe running under SYSTEM account runs the "business logic" that tells what to scan and gets results from scan and processes them
    • fshoster32.exe running under user account runs the user interface that shows scan progression and results


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    Not exactly related to the manual scanning, but tot he fssm32.exe and fshoster32.exe files.

    I have this eeepc with Celeron 900 (sloooooooooooow)  + 2 GB and an SSD and F-S IS 2015 installed.


    When I start the PC for a couple of minutes those two files are taking much of the CPU and have also heavy disc activity. After some 5 - 10 minutes that is over and their activity is much smaller and the response times in other activities are what I should expect.


    For some reason this does not happen on other (faster) PC's like Athlon 5000+ the the relative amount.


    Is that normal or should I dig deeper into that?

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    Hi @martink


    When you turn your computer on, especially if it has been turned off for a while, our product will have new virus databases to download and apply. What you're describing is most likely new databases being extracted. They are very tightly packed and it takes a couple of minutes to extract them. Disk speed is important for the operation speed here; old spinning disks take longer time than SSDs.


    You can right-click the tray icon and select "Open common settings" to view updates and when they are downloaded & applied.



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    Thanks, but I don't that is it, because it happens every day or happened whan I had that in daily use. I do not have a recollection whether or not it happened when I restarted the PC during the day.

    It is with and SSD in the PCI-e bus.


    You make it sound that if is updated that would not be normal.

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    Thanks again  https://community.f-secure.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/163 

    Booted the eeePC first time after erealy June.

    After two hours all the updates were installed and a software update was installed.

    After the subsequent boot the PC was responsive in 2-3 minutes which is OK for me with that slow a PC.

    Will keep watching.


    The bad news was that something curious happened with the subscriptions. I'll open a case with support for that.

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    Got educated again to mention you need to attach the at-sign infront of the id like  @Ville and not paste the URL of the ID like https://community.f-secure.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/163

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