Could not configure the app. Restart Freedome and try again.

I cannot use freedome ipad app. When pressing the "on" button, the following error appears:

"Could not configure the app. Restart Freedome and try again."


One time, a second error was displayed additionally to the usual error:

"Could not connect to the server. Check your Internet connection and try again. Error code = -1009, domain = NSURLErrorDomain, desc =The Internet connection appears to be offline."


My ipad is definetly connected to the Internet. However, I am in Beijing. The Internet here is a bit special, which might cause these problems. Is there any way to use the Freedome VPN in mainland China? 


  • timokrall
    timokrall Posts: 4

    Could set up Freedome. Purchased a one-month supscription and set up the protocols. I first persistently received this error: 


    "Could not create VPN connection


    Could not turn on VPN. Try again later or try another virtual location. 


    If you can access the Wi-Fi router, check that it does not block the IPsec protocol. 


    If you encounter this issue repeatedly, please visit our support forum."


    Next morning, Freedome told me that I have a very rare problem that occurs when updating iOS and that I shoud restart my iPad. After doing this, I can now succesfully connect to the Sweden virtual location. Also, I can access to Chinese and Western Websites. The Facebook App works, too.


    I cannot, however, access videos via the Apple Podcast App. Why is that? How to fix?

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert

    Could you tell us what is the exact error you receive when trying to use the Apple podacst app?


    I found this thread that could be related.

  • emmegi
    emmegi Posts: 2 New Member

    Have the same problem with 3 devices subscription.

    It works on MacBook and my iPad. But when I try to install on iPad mini, get the error message in subject.

  • timokrall
    timokrall Posts: 4
    Hello Ben, thank you for your response. The issue is not downloading and there is no error message - I deactivated downloading several weeks ago. The problem is that the podcasts do not play. I press play and the screen remains black where a video should be playing. Best Timo
  • timokrall
    timokrall Posts: 4
    However, for most of the time not a single servers does respond. Servers by competing VPN services, however, respond. I therefore uninstalled f-secure.
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