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This is a request. F-Secure Freedome  can never be a de facto choice for privacy-minded people unless Bitcoint will be accepted as payment.


I quote here:

"Our VPN Provider Criteria

  • Operating outside the USA or other Five Eyes countries.
  • Uses OpenVPN as an encryption method.
  • File-Sharing (P2P) is tolerated on selected servers.
  • Accepts Bitcoin, cash, debit cards or cash cards as a payment method.
  • No personal information is required to create an account. Only username, password and email."


  • Tehfcae
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    While I agree with much of this, I would like to say that the best privacy for an American is with a US based, roaming VPN. As most US mass surveillance happens when information goes in or out of the US. Meaning if you connect to non-US based VPN the NSA is much more likely tap into the backbone of the internet to monitor it than if you were to use a US based VPN connecting to a US server.

    Also, OpenVPN is not an encryption method, it uses SSL/TLS encryption methods.

  • Musicbee
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    Thank you, but Bitcoin is always a preferable payment option.

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