FS Ultralight AV flags steam server status as malicious url


I have noticed that Ultralight AV flagged steam as a malicious url when I start it. This is only to check the steam server status so I had to tag it as safe or else steam would generate errors.
Has anyone noticed that? I have to make steam a safe app in order to run it. Just curious.


  • klima89
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    As far as I remeber I didn't have problems around steam, but I noticed that playing through steam, one of ULAV processes consumed the considerable part of the processor (probably fshoster64.exe, but I don't certainly know because I came back to FS protection)

  • Ukko
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    Potentially.. there should be one desing around "malicious"-ratings and URLs.

    So, if F-Secure ULAV marked it as "malicious". Another solutions - FS Protection or F-Secure IS should to have same decision about URL.

    But with F-Secure ULAV "background-blocking" more visible as notification-prompt. With FS Protection it's can be not visible but "blocked" in fact. Such as.... blocked connection, but notification can be just as "blocked-page" - which missing there by connection-source.


    I not really friendly with Steam, but with my experience about F-Secure ULAV and Steam-application probably not about your experience. Such as - without any prompts about malicious URLs (as Steam-server URLs). But maybe you able to create some of "steps", which can be as repeat-instruction for reproduce situation?!  Maybe I just have experience about another steps of use.


    Or maybe your situation with something else around.


    Sorry for my reply.

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    I haven't checked the status of ofhost but I will, thanks!

  • GroovyMotion
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    I don't understand what you mean by steps. If I remove steam from a safe app, it will immediately be triggered by ULAV as soon as I start steam.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Thanks for alerting us to this. We had a similar false positive a few weeks ago. I'll have our folks look into the problem.


    The same exact mechanisms are used fto check URL reputation in all of our products, so if this is a real issue, it should also affect FSProtection.

  • Paolof

    Hi there


    just to let you know that FS Ultralight is again blocking steam server status websites. I've sent the 3 url to FS sample analysys as false positive.

    have a nice day


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