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I'm now using Freedome on Windows, Android and iOS and very much appreciating it on all platforms.  It's the easiest to use VPN across all platforms!  Fast, works well.  Thank you for a great product!


As a technical user who reinstalls Windows and puts custom ROMs on my Android devices, I was wondering how Freedome identifies devices and if reinstalling the OS will cause Freedome will any problems in terms of activating against the new subscription model?


i.e., if I reinstall Windows and then reactivate Freedome, can it tell that it is on the same computer and not reduce my device count by one? Same thing with Android.


What if I replace a mobile device and want to move the license from my old device to the new one? What's the process for that?


Would F-Secure consider some sort of (optional) console to allow managemt of device activations?






  • tom_y_mobile



  • [Deleted User]
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    Currently one installation always takes one subscription, and the subscription cannot be reused.
    We are considering the reinstallation scenarios and there might be a better solution to that at some point in the future.
  • laurentcliff

    I have the same issue : I have Freedome installed and activated on my 2 computers + 1 mobile phone (=3 licences) but I need to reinstall my computers.


    So if I understood correctly, I will not be able to activate/use Freedome after the new installations, since my 3 licences have already been activated?

  • earthling

    Yes, please reconsider because it will become quite expensive for users who are wont to reinstall frequently. Or are there strong technical privacy arguments to be made for the current approach?

  • Corwin1976
    Corwin1976 Posts: 1

    Dear F-Secure,


    I have bought 5 licenses for Freedome. After a while i need to reinstall the software.

    Reinstalled it and now i can not activate the software anymore due to problems with the activation code.

    Can you please help me because i need this VPN service.


    Iam glad i still have it on my other pc's but i can not use it now on my laptop and this is a bump.

    Hope you can get in touch with me and that we can solve this.


    Kind regards,


    Corwin Sandstra

    The Netherlands

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Corwin1976,


    I'll send you an email to try and solve your problem.

  • Eric33
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    Dear F-Secure,


    I have 3 licenses for Freedom. I reinstalled my laptop en now i cannot register anymore with my key. I only use the key on 2 other devices at the moment.


    Can you please help my, because I use Freedom al lot.

    Kind regards,


  • shell
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    had to get my laptop factory reset and i cant figure out how to get my membership back on my pc its for f-secure freedome just need to know how to get it back i have all codes and keys


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Shell,


    Do you have a error when you try to enter the codes/keys you have into the product?

  • Nuppi
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    Im having similar issues. I was using win 8.1 when i had to reinstall my PC. I had to return it to Windows 8, and then i installed Freedome back. After the upgrade to 8.1, it's not registering subscription anymore. I'm afraid it's a lisencing thing, but not sure though. I ha purchased 3 lisences, and currently using 2 of them on Iphone and Ipad. Please help me get my PC back to safe state.



  • JJ_Ca
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    Please help. June 2015 now maybe the world has changed.

    1- I have 3 subscriptions. I remember seeing device management when I login. However I don't see anything about my subscription which is valid for ~ 1 more year....! I thought I could verify what devices are using my subscription and change or cancel one to replace it by a new device!

    2- Is there a voucher for one device to try please!



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