ULAV fresh news

this is just to put a milestone for any kind of news, back to FS beta in the meantime.



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    There is for a long time no information about changes, we do not know if there are any changes in the ULAV, the subject died away, it is a really well heralding program, but little for them of information

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    I found ULAV a little bit too stripped back for me, and wasn't all that keen on the full screen GUI, so I've gone back to FS Protection until there's some more news.
  • I've just been accepted to beta test this, and to be honest the UI is a bit of an irritation for me.  Specifically:


    • I find not being able to resize the UI awkward
    • The screen is difficult to read being opaque (especially when the screen is busy behind the UI)
    • The orange "Click to unload product" is practically invisible on my monitor - didn't realise I'd switched the product off at one point.
    • The scrolling "help" is distracting.
    • Configurabiliity wise, it's far too cut back.

    It's almost as though the focus has been on trying to be "cool" rather than usability.  I'll stick with it on my Virtual Win 10 for now; I'm interested to see where it goes.

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    i'm making a pause till next usability evolution, back to FS Protection in the meantime.

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    Hi all,


    I'm considering pushing through a few small UI changes that should help to alleviate most of the concerns I've been seeing from various forums. The changes I'm proposing are as follows:

    - the UI will be windowed instead of full-screen

    - the UI will have a non-transparent black background

    - the floating text will be removed


    Please let me know what you think of these proposals and if there are any other suggestions you might make in order to improve the user experience of this product.



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    Hi Andy,

    I think all of those proposals would be good. I would also suggest, as I've mentioned before, a visible Banking Protection feature, as I feel that is essential in this day and age.
  • Hi Andy - would agree that those would help with usability.


    Simon - <devils advocate> Seeing as this is Ultra Light Anti-Virus, doesn't an online banking protection step into the realms of an internet security product? </devils advocate> 

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    That's a fair argument, but in my opinion, with the amount of online fraud going on these days, banking protection is an essential tool with any security product. ULAV doesn't have anti spam, parental controls or a firewall, so I still think it's a few steps away from dipping a toe in the 'Internet Security' waters. :)
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    Totally ok with first one, for the 2nd I prefer a semi transparent ui, for the 3rd: no opinion.

    One suggestion for the UI the two "circles" for starting a new scan or stopping prtotection  are misleading, you should use red for stopping and green for scanning, this on could trun to orange when activated.

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    As it turns out, we need to do a bit more thinking on how to improve the UI past my initial suggestions. These changes were not as small as I imagined, so we decided to put them off for a moment while we work on more important features (hint hint)...

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    Any news on new version?

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    just read AndyP last thread and don't fret Smiley Wink
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    Sorry for reply.


    F-Secure ULAV "2.0" (?!) will be soon already? and does it will be with new re-naming (?)  technology-words as F-Secure LH?

    Or it's just different things and not really related with design of "F-Secure Ultralight" (from current version of F-Secure ULAV)? And not related with potential new release/upgrade for F-Secure ULAV?



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    Sorry again for the long delays between my posts recently. It's still really busy around here and we haven't had much bandwidth for Ultralight work. I can, however, give you a teaser of what we have lined up:


    We've been working on a 32-bit version of the beta product. We're trying to get all the pieces together for this, but it's a big job since it requires all the update channels and stuff. We have working internal "offline" installers. Most of the pieces are in place to make the proper online installer which we'll provide as soon as its ready.


    The number one and most popular request from you guys has been for banking protection. We now have an internal build of the beta product that includes banking protection. We're working on rolling that into an upcoming update for y'all, but I can't currently give any accurate estimates on when that will happen. Hopefully soon, though!


    Thirdly, we're working on some super-secret cutting-edge protection technologies that we want to put into Ultralight beta first and foremost. More on that later...


    Again, my apologies for the long wait. I'm happy to hear that you're all eager for new features and updates and I hope we can soon get back into the mode of being able to provide those quicker!



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    Good to hear the product is still in development, Andy. :)
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    hello Andy

    Thanks for these infos, these good news make my mouth dripping :))


  • I'm also glad to here that banking protection comming.

    That was one of the reason that im not always the product use.

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    Hi all!


    We yesterday noticed a misconfiguration in our ultralight-feedback mailing list. Mail being send to [email protected](dot)com originating from outside the f-secure.com domain was not reaching us. We have now corrected this problem.


    If any of you sent us mail via this feedback channel in the past, we unfortunately didn't recevie it. However, we will start to receive those mails from now on.


    We understand that quite a bit of good feedback has been lost over the past few months and we sincerely apologize for this situation.



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    just too bad, can't retrieve my contributions due to local cleanup and migration to W10 10041, sorry.

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    if anyone from the staff happens to go by... I have a question: is ULAV compatibility with Windows 10 planned ?


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    ULAV should already work on Windows 10.

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    hello AndyP I'm giving it a try in a few minutes, I'll post my findings

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    installed on W 100049 x64

    report: installs like a charm, disables defender as it shhould, first scan ok, UI crashes each time I call it, services keep on running as they should

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    Are there any current thoughts on developing a 'Lite' anti-virus for mobiles?  The main reason I don't use FS for Mobile is because all I want is an AV, without all the other stuff, such as anti theft, etc.  I know you can turn that off, but then every time you look at the app, it tells you that you're not fully protected.  I also don't like the fact that it doesn't seem possible to remove the icon from the top of the screen.  I currently use Bitdefender AV for Mobiles, which is unobtrusive, and is just a stand alone AV product.  An FS ULAV for mobiles would be awesome, and something I would definitely use.  :)

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    seems there's still a long way to go

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,654 Superuser

    Ah, but this is a journey, not necessarily a destination.  Smiley Wink

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    We actually have developed ULAV for Android. It has been integrated into our Freedome VPN product on that platform.  The AV part of this product comes for free, meaning you don't need to use the VPN functionality at all if you don't want to. As long as you have Freedome installed on your Android device, it will continue to protect you by scanning newly installed apps and periodically checking what you have on the device. It's a fully cloud-based AV, even moreso than the Windows product.


    You can find more about Freedome here:




    Try it out, and if you like it, tell others.



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    I mentioned your UI crash to the devs here. We've been seeing similar UI problems occasionally in-house. This is most likely caused by the fact that the UI is running on OpenGL and it has problems with certain video drivers.

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    could u be more explicit than "certain video drivers" I have a GTX 970 349.90 drivers... ?

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    With updates (today) for Scanner core (or USS core) as potential reason... I have next situation with F-Secure ULAV and system/browser/network/something else:


    -> There start be a certainly visible delay (or hook... or paused... or something around this words) during loading (?!) resources or created any connection (or background-connection?!) or loading scripts?! or other reasons for some of next visible points:


    --> During visit a Google page.. will be more delay and visible "hooked" for page about "information"-pop-up by Google (Add Google Search for speedy response), which comes after "unfreeze".

    And simply page... with freeze-status -> not available to start create search-query or something else.


    --> For example...  during work with F-Secure Safe Search Beta..... and creating a search-query.

    Any new "connection/relationships" with completr-v2 will be with lags/freeze-steps/hooks/delay between response or other.

    Such as.. speedy creating  by "character-pause-character-pause...." will be with slide-show/freeze-delay around. And etc. Such as "response" about "results of tips" comes later, than usually..  or comes with delay.

    Such as "we ask", but answer comes after "visible delay".


    --> Some of other places and examples. Also with F-Secure website as main-page. During first visit (?!) per session or something around.


    Most of examples.. related with some of "first experience". I mean -> first visit for... or first connection with?!

    And with "remember it"-status?! But anyway.... with some of cleaning for cookies or other. Restart browser.. or other.  I can to repeat it.. too much often. Enough for very visible situation.


    Also.. it's most likely related with F-Secure ULAV. With FS Protection or with something another - it's not happened. Or not so visible delay.

    Also.. it's comes just today "?!". Potentially after updates for scanner-core (?!). Because other updates was just as default ones for signatures/fuzzy-hashing;


    Also.. my network connection settings can be "too much slow" for modern meanings.


    Anyway... it's just my local experience (which probably stable for F-Secure ULAV as up-to-date situation) or global point ?



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