Not working anymore, please help

Hello. I downloaded freedome (27€) because it was working properly with an Italian app which allows me to watch sky (Italian decoder) with an app called skygo. Skygo doesn't allow you to watch it if you're outside italy. In fact, at the moment I'm in Mexico and, I first downloaded the free app of freedome and I could pretend I was in italy and I could watch sky then it asked me to pay 27€ for one year. As I was enthusiast I downloaded it but from few days on, it says "you're not allowed to watch this if you're outside Italian territory" like if it sees I'm in Mexico so I THINK that this app is not working properly although it keeps on say "ON"


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    I suggest you try switching which country it says you are in on the Freedome settings page, then take a look at a webpage such as which will hopefully tell you that you are in whatever country you picked.


    Assuming this works, now change your country back to Italy, and refresh the page. It should change to Italy.


    This will confirm it is working. (If it isn't, contact support)


    Now try your streaming service. If it is still blocked, then thewebsite you are trying have blacklisted that IP address as "not really Italy". Bad luck. Try and get another IP address in Italy, and try again.


    And if it works? Result!

  • Thanks for your help, it sounded perfect but no, still not working. I even tried to Take off the SIM card but still not working. I also tried to delete both apps, download them again, log in again but still same problem.
    I don't really know what to do.
    Can anyone else help me?
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    Ok, so now I know that it's a phone you are talking about rather than a PC. Android or iPhone?


    Is the internet working at all, when Fsecure is not running?

    When you start Fsecure, does it prompt you to trust the application?

    Is there any internet at all when Fsecure is running? On SIM data? On WIFI?



  • Alright. It's an iPhone. I have an Italian SIM card in but I'm not using it. I've also tried to take it off and do all the processes from the beginning but with no positive outcomes.
    That means that I only connect my iPhone to Internet by wifi. When I turn freedome on it just goes on without asking anything.
    Internet works obviously if freedome is on or off, it doesn't matter.
  • Once again. The thing it scares me the most is that I used "skygo" and "freedome" with no problem for one week and more and then I paied freedome to get it cut one year. It worked again for few days and then that's it, it doesn't work anymore. Looks like "skygo" realized I'm in Mexico (I don't know how) and it doesn't allow me anymore to watch the channels. Plus, I'm keeping to change my ip and check it on and it looks freedome is working properly. I'm desperate Smiley Sad
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    Bad luck then, as sadly the streaming service you are using, Skygo, has realised the Freedome IP isn't really a single person in Italy. This sometimes happens. What probably happened was too many people were connected from that IP, and they will have realised, and blocked it.


    There are other websites that allow you to do the same sort of thing, but you'll have to find one based in Italy. Sorry.


    What you could do, as a thought, is find an open proxy based in Italy, and connect to that via Freedome so that you are safe, perhaps. You might do best though, to ask a friend back home to let you set up a private proxy so you can watch things by connecting to that.

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    Hi Fede88!

    Just wanted to follow up -- have you managed to figure anything out? Has NKT's suggestion been of any help?
  • i am experiencing the same problem

    iphon5 with iOS8  + freedome


    worked well during trial period

    than i purchased it

    and now not working


    the reason IS NOT what was supposed in the previous posts, but the fact is that when we s3elect "ITALY" as location, the IP that is given is a SWEDISH one (seen useing web pages that show your ip location). of course under this condtions Skygo tell us we are not in italy, "because we are supposed to be in Sweden", wich is not italy... how can we ask F-Secure to fix it?

    thank you

    @Chrissy wrote:
    Hi Fede88!

    Just wanted to follow up -- have you managed to figure anything out? Has NKT's suggestion been of any help?



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    Actually mine works properly. I switched it to Italy, I checked it as suggested on and it pops up Italy but it just doesn't work. The tricky and weird thing is that it was working properly before the purchase and now not anymore. Still can't understamd why but i gave up
  • The problem is the Italy location Freedome is using. Before I used to watch RAI with Freedome set in Italy, now its not working anymore. 

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    It should be mentioned that it against the Terms and Conditions of SkyGo to access it from outside of Italy. It is also possible that the app accesses GPS location so that it doesn't matter if the IP shows in Italy or not. This may have happened recently with an update to the app.

    However, When you connect to Italy what does say as your location?
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