Freedome VPN ios problem with whatsapp



  • Davma
    Davma Posts: 6

    Just installed the latest version, looks like whatsapp stays connected( I did activate the new option for f secure to remain connected at all times in the sttings)

    Let is how it affects the battery life.

  • Rbbiz1
    Rbbiz1 Posts: 24

    Works like a charm now, finally Smiley Happy thanks F-Secure!

  • JosCM
    JosCM Posts: 3

    I'm still having problems with F-secure and iOS 9.3.1. When I close Freedome AND VPN everything works fine. What to do F-secure? 

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello JosCM, 


    Are you also having this option active?

  • JosCM
    JosCM Posts: 3

    Hi Ben,


    Yes, this option (keeping the VPN active) was ON.


    King regards,


  • JosCM
    JosCM Posts: 3

    On my Macbook, the response is almost instantaneously. My iPhone (4S) responds some 10 seconds later.

    When abroad, Freedome needs a lot of time to find the VPN server. Messahes from were not detected. Back in Holland now, the response is retarded.

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