Now what?


Well I uded F-Secure for one whole day. Than it expired. LoL.

Without any warning I lost any protection just one day after paying for it. 

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    Hello @mrsbre,


    Could you please take contact with our support in order to check the status of your subscription?

    I unfortunately couldn't trace your account/subscription with the email address you used here for the community.


     PS: I moved your post to the most relevant board of our community.

  • mrsbre

    Hi Ben.

    I contacted support and received instructions how to properly install F-Secure. Unfortunately even with method described in mail, after 24h I got message that my subscription has expired.


    Since I’m not very patient man and this was third day of my F-Secure adventure I asked for money refund from company I purchased license. I’m not very happy about it since my company uses F-Secure and I’m really satisfied with it.

    Wanted to have same protection at my home, but I guess it’s not meant to be.


    Best wishes.

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    No doubt this is long since sorted, but I'd suggest you stick with it.


    Scan your machine for anything that could be tampering with your settings. Malware often "protects" itself from changes that would break it, such as adding a VPN (which would change the network settings it relies on to reach it's Command & Control servers) by refusing to let it work.


    I've had no issues with F-Secure so far, aside from it not wanting to work with one of the proxies on the Windows version - I changed the country and it instantly started working fine. I've used it for 6 months on Android without issue.

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