Add Changelog, Known and Fixed Issues and Bug-Reporting (Button) to Website or Forum

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Hi developers,


would love to see some kind of Changelog page, a list of known- and fixed-issues as well as some kind of a Bug-Reporting Site or Button on your site or forum.


  • Inform customers about changes, fixes or new features.
  • Tell customers which bugs or issues you already know about, so we can be sure, that's on your to-do list.
  • Give us a convenient  way to report bugs
  • With some kind of a "reward-system" (maybe add 6 month to the subscription)  you could thank customers for finding bugs



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    This is a great idea! It would be great to have one (changelog). It would also make it easier for customers to check that they have the latest versions of their F-Secure products installed. In my experience some of the products don't always notify users (or me) about new product updates.
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    any update?

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    I think we can close this feature request.

    Our Settings UI has version information and a link to the latest release notes, which includes change log and fixed issues. For example;

    If you join our beta program, you can report issues while we develop the product. For other users, we use our support to gather and filter issues, which are reported to our R&D.


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