Add Changelog, Known and Fixed Issues and Bug-Reporting (Button) to Website or Forum

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Hi developers,


would love to see some kind of Changelog page, a list of known- and fixed-issues as well as some kind of a Bug-Reporting Site or Button on your site or forum.


  • Inform customers about changes, fixes or new features.
  • Tell customers which bugs or issues you already know about, so we can be sure, that's on your to-do list.
  • Give us a convenient  way to report bugs
  • With some kind of a "reward-system" (maybe add 6 month to the subscription)  you could thank customers for finding bugs



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  • This is a great idea! It would be great to have one (changelog). It would also make it easier for customers to check that they have the latest versions of their F-Secure products installed. In my experience some of the products don't always notify users (or me) about new product updates.
  • any update?