Freedome losing internet connection



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    I have turned freedome off. I am looking for a new VPN. Freedome customer support is useless and I have just wasted my money.
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    Hi @Jumami,


    Are you having the same issue when trying to connect to other locations as well? Could you please try to connect to a different location and check if you are able to get internet connection?


    Have you tried to connect to a different network apart from your hotel wifi and are you able to browse?

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    Hi @Patman,


    I am sorry to hear about your continued issue! In this case, I recommend to open a support ticket if you would like to continue troubleshooting on your issue. You can provide the information about the issue in the ticket so that our support team can investigate further.


  • I have similar issues than others have reported with Freedome losing the internet connection.


    After starting browsing with Freedome switched "on", I can load web pages for about 5 seconds after which the pages stop loading ... if I wait until the browser has finished its failing attempt to open up the page I try to access, I get a "Server not found error". If I switch Freedome "off", I am immediately able to access any web site.

    I am running Windows 10 pro on an AsusVivoPC - the Win10 is an upgrade from an earlier version of windows (not sure which) and I have re-installed Freedome several times on this computer after running all possible updates on my Windows (i.e. the operating system is as up to date as it can ever be). Very, very frustrating.

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    Hi LaGrave,


    Do you have this connection issue only with browsing or with other apps as well? Does it happen with all the locations as well or only with a particular set of locations?


    What is the version of Freedome installed on your Win 10 machine?

  • The problem does not appear with Spotify, I can stream music just fine even when having Freedome switched on.


    The problem is evident with the browser, and occurs irrespective of the location I choose (Espoo/Amsterdam/U.S. East Coast...).


    I have Freedome version 1.0.2352.0 installed.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,443 Community Manager

    Hi LaGrave,


    May I know which browser you are using currently? Does the connection seem better if you change to a different browser? Or does it have the same issue irrespective of the browsers tested?

  • Hugo1Hugo1 Posts: 2

    We moved to another network and this losing appeared. It is random. Sometimes connection lasts hours.

    What to do?


    We use "espoo" in another country since she wants to see finnish programs.

    We have Windows 8.1 - Firefox  (latest)


    r. YH

  • Hugo1Hugo1 Posts: 2


    In addition to my previous message:


    We are WIFI connected. Type of the router is: ZTE  ZXHN H108L


    r. Hugo1

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