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I have been watching the subscription countdown calendar for a couple of weeks so I thought I would re-new on line as usual- for last 3 years. Anyway it would not recognise my current key, triple cheked no change. I rang the help line number & got this guy in California USA. I allowed him to take control of my laptop - a bit nervous there- anyway he told me- I could see him doing it- he told me I had 171 TROJONS on my laptop and it would stop working very, very soon. He said for  about £350 he could fix it for a liftime.. He needed paying then or in the next month. I SAID I COULD NOT AFFORD IT. Anyway after a while he decided to log out and finished the call. He also said a lot of  my stuff had stopped working. Afterwards I ran an FS security check or whatever you may call it. I took a while and reported ther was nothing wrong with my laptop. Does all this seem right or not.????  By the way I have paid as a new subsciber but it still says I have 3 more days to subscribe, I have done the dowload but the reminder is still there, I have entered the new key but it still says it is incorrect?????? 





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    I assume you posted in the wrong board and that you're not in the Beta Program.


    No, it does not seem right. Stupid question perhaps, but are you sure you called a legitimate F-Secure office? Correct phone numbers here


    And when you renew a subscription there's no need to download anything. You add the new subscription key to the existing installation.

    If you copy/paste, have you verified you only get the subscription key and not any other characters like space? It should be in a format like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX


    What do you mean with you "have done the download"?


    I suggest you scan your computer with other scanners just to be safe:  (this product scans for malware types that anti-virus products usually don't)

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    @old-one @NikK 




    I have moved this post to the appropriate board.



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    Hello Steve,


    It sounds like a scam.

    Our techs will never ask you for any payment in order to "clean" your computer via remote session.

    I've sadly heard of a few of those scams going around.

    Our tech support is not based in California either.


    Would you happen to remember who you have contacted?


    Our customer care contact information can be found here:


    If you'd like to renew your subscription, please have a look here:

    Depending on your needs, check Internet Security, or our new multi device protection SAFE. SAFE allows you to protect PCs, Macs and Android devices.


    Best regards,


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    Dear Stephan.

    Thanks for your input. I tried repeatedly to enter my new subscription key but no luck, however with 2 day`s countdown to go I told a family member- who is a user from my subscription to try and enter hers, Bingo hers worked straightaway. I then retried mine and onlaptop boot up F-secure was installed, wonderfull.

    Intittialy   I rang the F-secure help phone number and this guy answered and we went through my problem and he took control of my laptop, would this normally happen?? I asked his name but it came up on a live type dialogue box on my screen as I entered his instructions to me. It was a short name like MEIKE ?? I asked where he was and I think he said California?? Anyway he was doing a sales pitch about -if I loved my computer I should pay out this fee of £350.00. I could pay it over 3 monthly instalments beginning the first week in February, He was very insistant that I pay this fee and was getting aurgumentative, anyway I told him there was no more use in dicussing it so he wished me a `nice day and broke the connection. This dialogue box showed that I had 171 Trojans, all this should up in red lines on my screen, it did concern me  at the time but after he went I did an F-secure scan and it showed nothing wrong, HOW CAN ALL THIS HAPPEN ON YOUR OWN HELP LINE NUMBER??




    Stephen   OLD ONE 

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    When the day count-down box showed 4 days I thought to re-new subscription. When I tried to enter my current 2013 key it refused it, tried numours times and had it checked. So I thought the best way was to go from new again which I did, hence the Download Now. I paid and had a reciept ect but it would still not accept my new key until today when I turned on and it was just there, wonderfull. So happy now but it still concerns me that after calling your tech help line all that happened.

    I only hope my machine is still ok.


    Regards and thanks



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    Being weekend now @Stephan won't probably respond until next week.


    Until then I think it would help if you tell us what phone number you called, and if you recall what date & time it was? I assume they might be able to track the call with that information and find out who you talked to.


    Another thing I'm thinking about if this perhaps was some kind of scam:

    Did you watch the screen the whole time while the remote session lasted?

    And did you understand everything he did on your laptop?

    I'm just speculating here if it's possible he performed some fake moves that you didn't notice, tricking you into your laptop was infected. 171 Trojans sounds VERY strange.

    I think everything you describe about the guy taking control of your laptop sounds suspicious, for example "he told me I had 171 TROJONS on my laptop and it would stop working very, very soon"


    And yes, support can help out when needed to perform remote assistans. But not without your approval I assume?


    I strongly suggest you scan your computer with both these scanners.

    I would certainly do that if all this strange stuff happened to me. I wouldn't trust the F-Secure scan until I've verified with other scanners:  (this product scans for malware types that anti-virus products usually don't)


    I'm sure it would be helpful for Stephan as well if you answer these questions.

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    Hello Stephen,


    I understand your frustration.


    I can not imagine our techs driving such scams.

    Considering we don't have tech support in California and no Meike in the team.
    I believe, it was another company/phone number involved here.


    However, I'd really like to investigate this.


    Could you please let me know the number you have dialed? Ideally from your phones "recent calls" list.


    Is your subscription now OK and the expiration date correct?


    Best regards,


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    Hi Stephan


    We looked through telephone latest caller list and came up with 08005200409. I will have to wait for our next talktalk bill for more details if any. I remember the guy was on for 52 mnutes. I`m not sure exactly what he was doing  but he told me that when I was searching for internet stuff I was using CONDUIT  which was wrong and that may be loding bad stuff. My browser should be GOOGLE CHROME. Which is ok now. He scrolled up and down my e-mail list but not opening any.

    Then looked at my NETWORK MAP and was explaining that infections can be allowed through my NETGEAR router.

    He was making red highliting circles on the network map to show that infections can get through equipment. He kept on and on about even if I trashed my laptop and bought another one it would all still be no good because infection / Trojans will be on any new computer i may buy. If however I paid the money he would guarentee me a lifetime free of any problems, he kept trying to wear me down with this sales pitch. I wonder if he really wanted to access my bank account??

    It told him a few times I had no money to pay and that he was wasting his and my time, he eventyally gave in and ended the call.

    On your last message you sent a couple of links- I did the Microsoft Safety Scanner, Results were-- No viruses, Spyware and other potenttialy unwanted software were detected.

    Then I ran the other link for Malwarebytes. Resuts about 170 PUP OPTIONAL various items that needed deleting.  

    Now that seems very close to what this guy was on about, He called the Trojans, but I did all the deleting for free, but he was going to charge me for.!!!  It took about 2 hours. Yes my subscription in naw all ok thankyou.


    The thing now is - why is this MALWARE so good / better than F-secure or are we talking about a different issue. It seems I should be running other security , is this correct ?


    Thanks for you help Stephan.




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    Hi Stephen,


    Quick search on that phone number reveals that there have been numerous complains with a similar experience.

    It is not associated to F-Secure in any way.


    Those PUP detections are potentially unwanted programs - not malware, trojans, viruses or similar.

    Therefore we do not have detections for them.
    Running our Internet Security will protect your computer from all malware, it will protect your browser, online banking, your search results, facebook profile, just to mention the highlights.

    If you need to contact us, please only use contact channels/numbers listed on our website:


    You find our phone numbers and links to our chat support from the above link.


    Best regards,

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