Couple of Bugs and improvement idea for F-secure keys

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After using keys for a while on iPad and Android platforms, here is couple of findings:


Android (bug):

(Sony-Ericson Minipro SK17i, full sliding qwerty keyboard)

screen stays 'landscape' no matter what I do. Annoying since I prefer the sliding keyboard. Still no big deal.


Ipad 3 (bug):

While using password generator, it is impossible to uncheck any of the option boxes (A-Z, 0-9, special character). Annoying when trying to generate password for a site that doesn't allow special characters.


any platform (annoying feature):

- space is, of cource, a special character, however it is really, really annoying in some cases... I had one occasion that I had to log in on a computer that didn't have Keys installed, so I just read it on the phone and typed it manually... ...and after many retries noticed that the first charachter was space...


Improvement idea:

I do have 40+ accounts managed by Keys. I first just added those in keys as they were and started changed the passwords to more safer ones, every time I have had time to do it. Now I can't remember which I have allready changed and which ones I have forgot to change. 


Would it be good idea to add warming for weak password (f.ex red backround) on a main view.



Keys' user interface is good and simple and program works fast. Please keep it that way. 

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    Couple of weeks back I tried to find a device which you are using to see what's up with that. Couldn't find one from our test labs nor from likely on-line stores. Seems like it is discontinued nowadays. Hence it is tricky to figure out what is exactly happening and what would be the likely fix.


    I created bug report about the iPad3 issue for our development team.


    Password on-screen readability will be improved in future releases. The font used to render the plain-text readable password is not optimal.


    I must say; I totally love the idea of "heat map" type of behavior in the main password list in case there are poor passwords stored! Will pass this to our designers.





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    The iPad3 bug you mentioned with password generator checkboxes was fixed in the 1.2 update we did via iTunes about a week ago. Can you confirm if you still have the problem of not being able to uncheck specific character categories in the generator?




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    ipad3: Problem with chekboxes is fixed now.


    android: yep, it is discontinued model,  as it seems to be case with all real-keyboard devices nowadays. Propably only old dinosaurs like myself still prefer those instead of onscreen keyboards :)

    Btw. Must have had a brain short-circuit or something while typing the first message: I ofcourse, meant that screen orienting won't switch to 'landscape', no matter what I do. Anyway, like I said, it is only a minor issue -not a real problem.


    Lets hope that your dev team finds a way how to implement the heat map and still keep the simple, clean UI.



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    Also 'heat map' has been implemented a long time ago, so closing.


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