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When will F-Secure support Windows Live Mail?


  • Hexo
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    You mean for spam and antivirus scaning of the e-mails for an client?


  • Skuggan
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    Yes that is what I mean.

  • Janiashvili
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    yes, it does.



    as I know it scans ports income(more phisical area) and not software itself, thus it supports any email client

  • Skuggan
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    Hmm, it never blocked anything in the e-mails I got and I've been using Windows Live Mail since it came.

  • Janiashvili
    Janiashvili Posts: 454 Adventurer

    maybe there was nothing to block?


    It does spam filter and sends spam to Junk folder.


    (at least statistics shows how many were filtered - don't know by WLM itself(and FS IS just counts them) or by IS. For sure it counts them Smiley Very Happy

  • Skuggan
    Skuggan Posts: 25


    Ah ok, no wonder I thought it did nothing as I get phishing e-mails, several each day to my mailbox. Maybe it's time to think about changing e-mail adress instead and only hand out alias adresses to companies.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Skuggan,


    Hope this helps:


    To create the filtering rule in the Windows Live Mail 2011 e-mail program:

    1. Open Windows Live Mail 2011.
    2. Select the Folders tab and click Message rules . The Rules dialog is displayed.
    3. Click the New... button. The New Mail Rule dialog is displayed.
    4. From the Select one or more conditions box, select the Where the Subject line contains specific words checkbox.
    5. From the Select one or more actions box, select the Move it to the specified folder checkbox.
    6. In the To edit this description, click the underlined wordsbox:
      1. Click on the contains specific words link. The Type Specific Words dialog is displayed.
      2. Type *** SPAM *** in the empty field, click the Add button and finally click OK .
      3. Click on the specified link.The Move dialog is displayed.
      4. Select the folder ( Junk email ) where you would like to move messages classified as spam and click OK .
    7. Enter a name for the rule (e.g. Spam rule).
    8. Click Save rule .
    9. Click OK .

    From now on, messages classified as Spam will be moved to the specified folder.


    You can find this instruction also from our knowledge base:


  • Skuggan
    Skuggan Posts: 25


    Thank you Jouni, do I need to do the same with phishing, and name it "PHISHING"?

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