Problems going to 2012 Beta

As instructed in the e-mail about the transition from the Technology Preview to the 2012 Beta Test, I uninstalled the TP before running the Beta Installer. It informed me that Internet Security had installed, but Online Security had failed. Reinstalling did not help, so I downloaded the Uninstall Tool and did a complete removal, then tried to install Beta 2012 again. This time Internet Security failed to install, though Online Security succeeded. Attempting a reinstall did not change anything.


For now I have reinstalled my old ISP-supplied version of F-Secure, but I'm still interested in the Beta Test.


Should I wait for version 37?

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  • TahvoTahvo Posts: 45 Explorer

    Dunno i just let it install on the older versio no problems

  • CharlieCharlie Posts: 3

    Well, now I have a fresh problem. I tried to install release 37 and the installer is telling me that my subscriptions are used up. Apparently it is treating each of my installation attempts as a different computer. Now it is telling me to release an existing subscription, but I can find no way to do that and regular tech support says it's a beta so they can't do anything about it.


    Now who do I contact and how?

  • PetriPetri Posts: 38



    unfortunately that reset form doesn't work for people who have registered through the Beta registration. We are trying to get it fixed really soon, so that you can start using it.



  • PetriPetri Posts: 38

    Hi Charlie,


    we just introduced the reset subscription functionality to be available under "Resources -> Tools -> Subcription Reset" in the IS2012 Beta Centercode portal. You can use this to reset the status of the subsctions and then it is like new subscription.



  • CharlieCharlie Posts: 3

    Many Thanks! I'll give the TP37 installation aother try. Smiley Very Happy

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