Protection Malfunction

Protection Malfunction

I've recently migrated from Virgin Media.

When starting my PC all seems well for about 10 minutes the I get a warning about a Protection Malfunction.

When I check the F-Secure status window I see a warning that 'Your computer is not protected, Protection malfunction. Please restart your computer.'

So I restart but 10 minutes later the same fault occurs.

I've checked the update and F-secure is fully uptodate.


any help gratefully received.


  • NikK
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    I think you should submit a Support Request for this one, and attach a FSDIAG file in the support request. That will help the support technicians to faster solve your problem.

  • Ok thanks.

  • Simon
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    I'd suggest running the VMS removal tool, in case it hasn't been uninstalled properly:
  • Hi there, we are also having problems on our computer saying that it's not protected. Will windows defender affect this program, have had no problems up until now.

    hope you can help



  • Also just noticed that when I try to scan it says that "cannot start scan. No Scanning engines are loaded."

    Any idea why this might be?

  • Simon
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    Please refer to above. If you have run the VMS Removal Tool, and are still having issues, you'll need to raise a support ticket with F-Secure. Do also try a reinstall of F-Secure once VMS has been removed.
  • I'll try that thank you.


  • NikK
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    As Simon said, it's probably related to Virgin Media Security in this case. But for any future problems, and to others reading this thread:


    If you suspect your F-Secure product isn't working properly, do this to verify:

    1. Right-click the F-Secure system tray icon and select "Open Action Center". Any problems will show up here.

    2. Right-click the F-Secure system tray icon and select "Open common settings". This will show all downloads and installation status of every sub-product.


    Any downloads that are currently being installed are marked with bold text and has Status = Not Installed. Wait for it to finish installing.

    If a download never gets installed, even after waiting hours including reboot, then at least you know what sub-product isn't getting installed and you can report it here on the forum or to support.

  • f-secure 2-12-13.jpg


    Ok I've uninstalled everything to do with Virgin Media. No sign of Virgin Media Security, that appears to have already gone.


    I have 3 f-secure subproducts that have failed to install.

    I have rebooted my pc and reinstalled f-secure a couple of times but no joy.


    Any ideas?

  • Simon
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    We have noticed on occasions that not all updates install immediately.  Sometimes it takes a couple of reboots for all the components to fully update, or the updates come along 10-15 minutes after the installation.  Does the main F-Secure Computer Security screen say that you're fully protected?  I don't want to sound like I'm messing you about, but I'd suggest a reboot, then wait a few minutes to see if the remaining updates install.  If they don't, the only other thing I can suggest is that you Contact Support, by raising a support ticket, attaching an FSDIAG, which you get by right clicking the tray icon and running the Support Tool.  Let us know how you get on.

  • Success I think.


    I manually uninstalled F-secure from control panel.

    I also manually uninstalled malwarebytes and a few other autoupdate type programs.

    Rebooted then reinstalled F-secure.

    Then rebooted.

    Most of the subprogs didn't immediately install so left it for half an hour then ran a scan and all seems good so far.

    All the subprogs are reporting as installed and the scan was clean - apart from the usual spyware.


    Smiley Happy

  • Simon
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    That's sounding better - but, "usual spyware"?  horror.gif  I wouldn't be happy with any spyware on my computer, and F-Secure should remove most, if not all of it.  Malwarebytes can be installed with F-Secure, but just the free version, which doesn't run in real time.  It's handy to have, to do an occasional manual scan with, as it may occasionally find bits that F-Secure misses (and vice versa). 

  • NikK
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    Yes, spyware sounds terrible!

    A note: You can have MalwareBytes Anti-Malware run real-time along side F-Secure's real-time without any problems. I have both :)

  • Hi there, I managed to uninstall and reinstall and it seemed to be ok but will check that all updates are installed too. Thank you for your help.

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