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    Hello Kamal,


    It is strongly recommended to uninstall all the previous versions, but not necessary with the uninstallation tool. In case you are facing any problems with the installation, you might want to give it a try.

  • kamal
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    Hi Jouni,

     I have installed the beta 2014 and the interface is clean and slick.I will update if i come across any problems

    Thanks a lot !

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    I am experiencing an issue with trial subscription key. I never received the email when I registered so I thought I would just re-register and then it would generate email and I'd surely get it. But alas that did not work, instead it told me I was already registered and could download the program, Internet Security 2013. 


    I downloaded and ran the install, but then it asked for a subscription key.

    Since I never received the email I never received a subscription key.


    The program appears to be installed but I am unable to get past the screen to input the subscription key.


    I was actually about to give up and just uninstall it and move on to the #2 program on my list because everyday that I have only MS Essentials is a HUGE gamble; I am NOT a gambler.


    Reading all of these posts professing a solid belief in F-secure package reaffirmed my gut-feeling that this was the product to trust.  I'd been a long-time McAfee customer (since but I'd not looked at their rankings lately.


    However, I became so FRUSTRATED AND ANGERED BY THE NONCHALANT ATTITUDES of the ESCALATION team reps. "We can't figure out why our product is not working for you so we hope that our next upgrade release will solve your problem. We appreciate your patience."  followed by "I don't know" when asked for a release date of their 'next upgrade and what I was supposed to do in the meantime. But I digress.


    Thank you all for showing such confidence in F-secure and stating it here. You affirmed my decision to switch and have shown that the support team here does not just leave you hanging out to dry when you experience an issue with THEIR product; they actually provide SUPPORT! WOW! Imagine that! Lol




    If a support person would be so kind as to contact me privately with a key or directions to get one, I'd be eternally grateful. The chat tool did not work for me.


    Thanks to these compliments I am looking forward to using a security software that works and provides some sense of security.



  • kamal
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     Have you checked the junk folder on your email program because first time i registered the email gone into junk folder.Also post your system configuration details or else try the Internet Security beta 2014 .If you contact the support team they will surely help you.


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    I only used my trial version for a day or two, before moving to the 2014 beta, but if I remember rightly, there is no subscription key for the trial version. Just a thought, but are you sure you're using the correct installer?
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    kamal, thanks for reminding me to contact the support team; you were absolutely right. They did help me and very quickly I might add.  Honestly, I am just not used to this level of support - receiving a response, let alone a solution.


    I was able to get everything setup and am now in my evaluation period which I don't expect to last much longer because I am SOLD!


    Thanks, again.

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