Internet Security 2012 Beta (R43) released

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we have just few minutes ago released the F-Secure Internet Security 2012 Beta R43. Features introduced in it are:


* Improved DeepGuard 4 logic, that should result in lot less false positives.

* Improved Application Control with more user friendly settings and DeepGuard 4 integration for server (inbound) applications

* Online Safety main GUI is finalized for IS2012

* Unrated content category is enabled

* The Support Tool now creates its output file to the shared desktop.

* The product checks now for system requirements (Operating System, memory and disk space) before installation and upgrades.

* Bug fixes


We are getting close to the release of this product, so we'd be very interested in hearing your feedback right now. If you encounter any bugs in the product, please report them to us as soon as possible.

Release notes:

Petri on behalf of the project team

PS. If you want to join the IS2012 beta program, you can apply to it at:


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     I have a small suggestion. Please do not post that I wrote it on Because no single one, even the smallest idea was not accepted. Maybe someone else on the forum would support me and pushing through it together. At the outset I would like to commend the crew for the "new" setting, great myśl.Przejdę now to my problem. When I go into the settings \ internet \ control applications. In the foreground there are always settings. Once you have set them at each other, this tab will not be needed. It will only hamper to get to control the applications that it is more useful and frequently used.

    My proposal is a replacement of "setting" of the "Application" as shown in my photograph.

    Link :

    Such a change programmers should not cost you a lot of time. A użtykownikom can be much useful. And like the rest of the users think?



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    I am unable to get an update for FIS 2012 beta.

    Is the beta period finished, so I need to revert to my original FIS 2011, then renew and get 2012?

    If anyone has an explation, pls peply.


    Cheers Smiley Happy


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    I think I got my problem fixed Smiley Happy

    I d/l a new version of the "installer" and the "UNinstaller", then booted into "safe" mode.

    Ran the UNinstaller, which when finished re-booted the computer into "normal" mode.

    I then ran the "installer" and after the install and d/l the updates, I re-booted and everything appears to be back in working order Smiley Happy

    Cheers Smiley Very Happy

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    Just try to install it on an up-to date Windows 8 Eva copy build 8400 but failed: (MSG: Not support platform) Any ideas?
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    Hello Yeungmic,


    I 'll assune you were trying to install IS2013 TP. The issue you encountered yesterday should be now fixed. Can you try installing again.



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