I have forgot anti theft security code


Dear Sir, i have a Nokia E-7 and i am using F-secure Anti theft from last year. but now i forgot the security code. My Trusted no. is XXXXXXXXXX and email id is XXXXXXXXX@yahoo.co.in. Pls help me out as i cannot use another sim card in that


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    Hello Sonal,


    I edited your personnal details out.

    Kindly refer to AniaC's post to contact Support, reset security code cases have to be handled outside of the F-Secure Community.

    For alternative way to unlock your mobile, refer to the following post:


  • sonal
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    Dear sir,


    how i can SMS to device for unlock as per ur instruction

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    Hi sonal,


    You are only able to reset your phone with the SMS from the Trusted Number you had created earlier in the Anti-Theft software. If you have not created one, kindly proceed to contact our support in order to reset your Anti-Theft lock code.


    Best regards,





  • kenank
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    I have an e5-00 phone.

    Mobile security code is active now and i can not use my phone.

    I tried to send #UNLOCK# message to my trusted phone, and a message with instructions was sent to my trusted phone. But then i couldn't solve my problem.


    In the message that came to my trusted phone, it mentions some instructions about the solving method. At the end of the message there is a reset code:



    From my trusted phone i tried to forward this code to my locked device but nothing happens.

    I sent this codes:

    1- All of the message with instructions,

    2-Only code like this--> #RESET#UGWF/ue+sgPM3..........H4=

    3-Only code like this--> UGWF/ue+sgPM3..........H4=


    Where is my mistake guys? Is there anyone can help me?

  • NikK
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    If you have followed the instructions but that doesn't work, you need to contact support:



  • Sachin1996
    Hello i was using 360 security o i had activited anti theft on ma number. . . N i directly uninstalled be app.. Now i have ported to different operator..n wen i insert dt sim il start recieving messages plz help me out of this
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    What kind of message are you receiving? Are they related to F-Secure?


    Did you try to follow the instructions provided above?

  • kunjan
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    unlock your security code
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    Hello Kunjan,


    Please refer to my replies above. We unfortunately cannot help with this type of problem in our community.

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