Clean Virus after DL a virus - have to reboot why ?


Have played with some testvitus, and some it blocked, but some in corentaine (chest) and needs a reboot ???

Why, the file is only getting DL, and not executed ??


See attachment...virus-have-to-restart.png


Nmouse !



  • Depending on the virus that you cleansed or part of the system that has been washed clean that you need to restart your system to get a fresh start. image

  • jackma
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    this could help you:

    More specifically:


    There are times when especially in the temporary internet cache, files are locked by another process in windows. Therefore a reboot is needed to delete/clean the file.

  • Nmousedk
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    But why.. ?

    Have the virus spread some files, that F-Secure doesent stopped ?? or what...

    - Is the file (virus-file) open ?? or what..


    Hope you understand what i is talking about..


    Regards Nmouse

  • Nmousedk
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    User Jackma


    Yes.. that help for my understanding, it´s like what i´m talking about.


    Coud F-Secure have this butten, "clean all temp, stores"

    -  and this button cleares browsercache, java and whats needed ?



  • jackma
    jackma Posts: 57
    Hi Nmouse,

    your feedback is welcome. You might want to add the feature request in our "Idea Exchange" section:

    Although not the same, a tool like Ccleaner could help you and other users to quickly clear the Windows caches of various programs.

    Kind regards
  • Nmousedk
    Nmousedk Posts: 38

    Hi again


    No.. CCleaner is only to clean cache, and it does NOT erase alle the cache folders...

    Have seen it some times.


    Try it for yourselv.not all files is gone, and i regend it shoud !


    I have sugested this in beta.f-se... but they said that FS is not a clean-up tools.. but it coud be a great thing to have, i think.





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