Stuck in a loop

Hi, i have never been able to get your beta page to work correctly so i eventually gave up however now i am interested in testing again. I recieved an email and followed the link, signed in to and followed the pages to the installer however when i click to download it says


Invalid input. (98)


and if i go to the subscription keys page it says


Your unique customer key is:


with no actual key visible.


Then if i go to my account and click close my account it says


You can not Opt-Out if you are participating in an active project.


so as you can see i am stuck in a never ending loop of not being able to download but not being able to close my account either.


Can someone please sort this out for me.




  • Ville
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    Could you please create bug report in the beta site, so that we can see your account details from there and fix the problem.





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  • Dungeon
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  • Tomi
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    For some reason your user account did not have the unique customer key attached to it, so I fixed this for your account. Now you should be able to properly download the installer and see your subscription. I will handle the case from the beta site.

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