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    Nope, I didn't. The support suggested "the tool" and Ville menitoned it should be resorted to basically in a messed up situation, whichi kind of what I have. Nothing has still happened, except mem usage is up to 1.9 GB for "the tool". I guess I have better stop it and try to do a proper Win uninstall, unless I haven't messed things up trying "the tool" first. Gee, I hate computers...

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    Ville, a note about moving a license to another computer:

    I already found the news article F-Secure Internet Security 2012 Service Release 2, which says:


    "...  the new license recycling feature which allows the user to move a license to another computer if all the available seats on the subscription group are taken. For a more detailed description of the updates, read the release notes related to the service release."


    and includes a link to the actual release notes. However, when I open that file, I only find


    "License recycling, license can be moved to another computer if user has used all the available seats on the subscription group."


    listed as one of the new features, but nothing more. Even the short news article says more, and also you said more in your reply: "if you install with all licenses used ...". That info is not included in the release notes or anywhere else on the support pages either. The news article is the only place where I can see it, besides this discussion forum.

    Could you please ask your documentation folks to add a proper description of the license recycling feature somewhere where customers can find it?

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    Hi Suf,


    Dont' give up.


    I doubt you can go now for a regular uninstallation once the tool has been running already, but I guess it won't harm any if you try it. However, if that doesn't work, please try what I said above, try reinstalling the Suite over your current messed up version so you can remove it properly from Windows ControlPanel afterwards. 

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    I was just about to give up when things started happening, after 2h15m...... The uninstall finished and automatically rebooted the computer. Then I ran the installer, and I now (hopefully) have a fresh FSIS2013, except it still looks a bit strange in the status window, as the first item ("Searching for virus"; my translation) says "Updating" just prior to the slide switch (although the switch itself is in the "on" state, green background).


    Right now I do see network traffic, so I hope it really is updating the virus data base. (My "botched" update, if that it was, never left this "Updating" state.)


    Now this was nerve wrecking, and I'm not completely through until I see the state of that item real green... Smiley Mad

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    Now, finally, the last switch turned "real green", so perhaps I am really through!!!


    Smiley Very HappySmiley FrustratedSmiley Very Happy

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    Oh, I forgot to say: Thanks for all the moral support!!!

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    Hi Ville,


    You may have seen above that I (probably) succeeded with the re-install, using the FS uninstall tool. Please accept the following comments for future consideration:

    • It took way much longer to uninstall than support hinted at (2h15m rather than suggested 2-10m, extreme difference!).
    • As there is no proper way to see progress in that tool I got pretty nervous, particularly as mem usage for the process approached 2GB for no visible reason.
    • The original, automatic upgrade that started the whole thing was also disconcerting, as there was no indication anything was going on - things just started acting up.
    • The "Banking protection" function scared the wits out of me when it appeared, as I was in no way prepared that it would be there.

    I work with S/W quality myself, so I am well aware of the problems you(?) as a developer face - please just take my comments into consideration as far as possible, and feed them into customer support and/or into your issue handling/tracking system. Should you wish/need further info I would be happy to supply it!


    Many thanks for participating in the forum!

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    Hi Suf,


    I'm happy to hear your succeeded. Enjoy ! Smiley Happy

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    I'm taking it seriously. Since Windows is slightly different after a while for every user, there are a lot of hard to reproduce problems. I need your help to investigate it further - see your private messages.






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    There is a known problem with Windows installation databases that they sometimes become extremely slow. This is an issue with Windows, but affects our products, since we use Windows installer (msiexec). It also makes the uninstallation tool very slow on some computers. In any case, I think you set a new record for slowness by that 2h 15min time. :)


    We are currently working on improving the uninstallation tool and upgrade, so that there is a dialog telling the user what is going on all the time. I can't promise when the changes are ready and rolled out though.





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    Hi Ville,


    Just my luck breaking a record this way! Smiley Tongue


    Thanks for your attention! As I said, I work in a S/W development environment myself, so I am well aware of the challenges you face...Smiley Wink

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    I am sorry but cannot think of going through all the trouble again, just for the sake of a repeat. I don't want to compete with suf's record.

    I now realize that I should not have emphasized so much that I had problems with both uninstall and install, when actually, it was the uninstall phase that really got me into trouble. You are asking me to do the installation again and send the logs, but in asking that you miss the point. Uninstall is what you should investigate.

    Uninstall seems like a rare thing to do, but that rarity is exactly why the problems keep de-railing the user so badly. Besides, it is not all that so unusual that users will attempt an uinstall just to do a reinstall immediately after, in an attempt to fix something that doesn't get fixed by reinstall.

    Suf already showed how long the uninstall can take, but I don't think your explanation about the installation database matches my situation. My laptop is brand new, it just had the software that came pre-installed with it. When I first opened it, I first waited until it had done all the Windows updates it needed, before I began the process of uninstalling Norton and installing F-Secure. So the installation database is not old; it only had the minimum of installations. After the initial installation of F-Secure, I have uninstalled many of the Lenovo tools that I didn't need and I installed a small number of software packages that I need. But that all together still is not that much compared to a computer that has been in use for a longer time. Yet, when I began the botched uninstall, it took so much time that I lost my patience and managed to get everything entangled.

    Norton uninstall didn't take that much time. Nothing else takes that much time. It's just F-Secure that does. You cannot blame it all on the installation database.

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    Hello Hönö!


    Just to follow up on your issue, I was wondering if you had used our improved Uninstallation Tool that was rolled out in March?  As I understand, this should result in a cleaner uninstall, and a progress bar to keep you informed of how long it will take.  You can find the link to the tool's download here:



    Please let us know if you're still having issues, or if this improved tool is of any help to you!



    F-Secure Community Manager

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