Installation fails


I'm trying to install a trial version of F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac. Here's the catch... I'm trying to do this for a bunch of different AV products, for testing, and want to install it in a virtual machine. So, I'm installing into a Mac OS X 10.8.2 system, completely fresh with nothing else installed, which is running in Parallels 8 on a Mac running 10.8.2.


The install goes fine, up until I get to the screen where I'm asked to "Buy now," "Enter code" or "Buy later." That window is completely unresponsive to clicks. Not even the close box works. The F-Secure menu says "Completing installation..." (which is grayed out) and "Open F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac". If I choose the latter option, I get a different window (with options Status, Tasks and Statistics), which is also unresponsive to clicks.


Any ideas what's wrong? Is it simply not possible to install F-Secure in a virtual machine like this? (I've installed 19 other anti-virus programs in identical copies of this virtual machine, without problems.)


I've tried F-Secure support, but haven't heard back, and nobody's ever "picking up" when I try the online chat.


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