Can I cancel my update on one computer?

I installed a F-Secure Internet Security 2012 last year on three computers and updated it now to 2013-14 (two years license). I would've liked to save one of those possibilities of installation if (when) I buy a new computer next year.


I updated the program on one computer and it updated it on ALL the three. So, is it possible to cancel that update on one computer? I think not, but I want to ask this anyhow.


Should I have removed the installation from the computer that I didn't want to update if I had wanted to put it on some other third computer?


I hope someone can help me : ) Thank you!

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  • GaryGary Posts: 70
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    Hi nimain,


    The expiry date will start counting once the subcription key has been used for the first time, hence it is not possible to keep one license not to update.


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  • Thought so, thanks for answering though!


    So when I buy a new computer, do I remove the F-Secure IS from all the computers where it was and then install it to the three I want to? Or how should I act? 'Cause I want to leave that one computer without IS : )

  • GaryGary Posts: 70

    Hi nimain,


    If you want to transfer the F-Secure license from one computer to a different (new) computer, simply uninstall the F-Secure software from Control Panel on the computer that you do not want to have F-Secure, and install it on the new one.


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