Idea : A default screensaver, that scans on "idle" and telling how to make sec. passwords.


As subject...

When user is back, the "idle" scanning is stopped, and when the "idle"/screensaver is active again, the scanning continues, from where the scanning left last time. - I mean that it coud allways scan system files, and then go to where it left last time..


I hope you understand what i mean Smiley Happy


Regards Nmouse


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    I just set my computer to scan when the computer has been idle for five minutes. That's about all I'd need. Of course, if I'm only gone six minutes . . .

  • Nmousedk
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    Yes, i´m  aware of the function in FSIS, BUT..


    The function shoud be as a normal user would do.

    Looking in the ordinary screen saver function, under Windows !


    And the is none !


    And, i recommend, that if the user doesn't have any screen saver set, then til FSIS installation program, ask user to set it, in the installation progress...


    Thast my idea Smiley Happy

  • MJ-perComp
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    regular scans do not provide any additional security compared to on-demand-scans. They just make you sleep better, while wasting performance and energy!


    If there is a good reason to launch a manual scan it is because of a security problem.

    If you have a security problem, then you should rather let the scanner do its job first and not start regular work in the foreground.





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