Idea : After install, scan the little LAN to see if a NAS or other shares MP3/docs og TV / DLNA


After installation, the program found out if the computer is on a NAT og public IP, if on a NAT, it ask user to scan the LAN to see witch devices reply, i.e.


Network printing

other computer that shares picture, music, film etc, etc.

TV´s with DLNA


Routers, (ask to close for direct connections???)


Allmost each family, have more that 1 (or more that 2) computers, and they all share the same internet connection...


That could be a nice thing to do, because the wizards is making the right settings in the firewall, i have seen a lot of rules, hat allow all most all, because that´s the easiest...


I hope you understand what i mean ??


Regards Nmouse


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    Please respond !



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    Thank you for the idea. I think I do understand what you mean. We are always looking for ways to make our product better and naturally improving the firewall is also on that list.



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    Coud it be a secondary program, that coud be called from "settings" and a-like "wizard to upnp and DLNA´s"


    It coud be a werry nice thing, because, you know and ewerybody know, that there is more than 2 computers, and a DLNA TV in allmost every home, and then F-Secure coud now the enduser better end they do themself Smiley Happy


    DLNA is some standard ports !

    uPnP is some standard prots !

    And all users have a gateway, witch coud be suspended to high security ??


    That woud be a start, and then the experymentery? user, have a great start, to get more to work with his/her computer´s net-services, i.e. music-sharing...


    I hope you take this idea with you, and thats why you shoud choose F-Secure, because we guide you the tight direction..


    Please dont waste this idea, i think it´s great !!!




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