Firewall, - game


I know that it had been written about before... but....

I believe that it is a importen isue...


I know a handfull gamers, and they have antivirus, but not firewall, because they dont want to disable/enable all the time, and the easiest, is to leave the firewall off... :-(


Idea: A roll-down that called "Gamer" and on that, the user can choose from a lot of online-game, and the "wizard" makes a rules for the specified game..


Maybe a sense, that when the user started the online-game.exe the preset for the game is opened...


The game roll-down is updating like the ordinary updates...


Hope you understand what i mean ?? Smiley Happy


Regards Nmouse


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    Please respond !


    This feature, coud be a great function, to alle gamers..


    I know that it had been posted before, in another way, but i think it woud be a great thing to have ??



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    Thank you for the idea! It seems that you have quite a few ideas submitted on the forum, would you be interested in the beta program? That is if you don't already participate in it. You can find it from It will allow you to submit ideas like this in more structured format and in a way that they get easier into consideration of becoming real features.


    I can see the value of the idea described here and it would indeed make a gamers life easier. The drop down menu could make the product a bit more cluttered and it would be unnecessary for the people who do not play games. Sensing the started application and adjusting the firewall sounds like a more suitable solution for our product. I'll add the idea into our queue of things to consider. Thank you once more for the idea.



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