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I just had an odd encounter.

My computer started playing a techno/dance music tune. I didn't have any music player programmes (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player) open at the time, and the music was not what I listen to, so it seemed unlikely to have come from my music library.

At first, I assumed it was an ad from a browser tab, but none of the active tabs displayed the speaker symbol, and shutting the browser did not stop the music.

I then closed all open programmes, including those in the start bar and fast launch icons, one by one, but the music did not stop.

The tune faded away after a while, indicating that it was not caused by me. F-Secure did not show any alarms during this time. I am using M2.



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    Hello @harrysons

    We welcome you to our forum and thank you for your post.

    The problem you described is not related to the functioning of our program. Therefore, it will be difficult for us to give you a comprehensive answer. We have noticed that the problem with background music running on Apple devices is widely discussed on online forums for Apple devices.

    Below I paste a link to one such discussion.

    How do I turn off the background music on… - Apple Community

    I encourage you to contact macOS specialists. They will probably be able to provide effective assistance.

    Have a good one.


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