100% drive use after update 11 June , 2024

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Yesterday there were no problem but when starting my computer today then there were like an attack on my game drive with 100% CPU use. I am rather sure that it was the F-Secure Total that after the Capricom & Hydra engine update suddenly decided to attack the game drive (mechanical drive with 5-6 TB of games).

No matter what I did it didn't stop scanning. I turned off automatic scanning and even whole F-Secure Total to no avail but it went on for , I dunno , 30 minutes ? Then it seized activity.

The whole thing might have been triggered by me trying to start the Steam Powered game client. But nothing stopped the scanning ? / %100 drive use from happening. Problem could be that Steam access files/drive at app startup but I can not see how that justify more or less locking drive from being accessed with Steam app close to hanging because drive is already in %100 use !?

I don't want to turn off automatic file scanning but this is no good and do not see anyway of stopping it other than turning off scanning of drive ?

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    After having looked further into the matter then, yes it appeared as if the F-Secure AV might have caused what seemed as unusual activity to me , like more or less locking up drive.

    However , I now have to exonerate the F-Secure AV completely for that. Yes , the drive were sort of locked up but that were because of poor drive performance that were not see through by me. I use the drive on a daily basis and have had no other problems that I noticed but the AV must have used a part of the drive that were failing. To be thorough I downloaded a drive test tool which had shown that apparently is failing.

    I am sorry for making the wrong assumption to start with. It's a 6TB WD Black and an examination using another manufacturer tool tells me that it's been powered on for just about 28.000 hours so it has been used by me for some time but I still had higher expectations for the drive . Having to buy a new drive yet once again makes me aware of the extreme amount of money that computers has cost me over time when it is all added up . 😁 🤔 😁