Problem with the "reputation rating" on "google search"

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Hello, my problem is, the "reputation rating" icon( the green circle with a white check mark in it) does not appear next to some of the search results. I tried reloading the page, restarting the browser but no difference it made.

I am on chrome. Have not tried any other browsers yet.

I think it happens when I search with a particular keyword on google seach. In this case the keyword I typed was "vote dates".

I want to know if this problem has any solution.

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  • siramic
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    I just checked on my end, the reputation icons so far are showing on all of my Chrome searches, including "vote dates" and other misc. searches. It is also working with FF, with or without the VPN being enabled using Google searches on both.

    F-Secure Total v19.4 (5.5.1191.0), Chrome v125.0.6422.61, Windows 11 Pro 64-bit up to date.


  • PawełP
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    Hello @rajmj9600

    Thank you very much for your post and the description of the problem that occurred. Our technicians will take a closer look at it. They will still need diagnostic data from our program to investigate this issue.
    I will send you instructions on how to download the diagnostic data in a private message.

    Best regards


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  • rajmj9600
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    @PawełP Thanks for your assistance. The problem disappeared out of blue.

    The website rating is now working normally with all the search results on google. Earlier it was working with only a few search results.

    But I do not like the idea of sending diagnostic data unless there is some serious issue.

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    @siramic I can understand but I am from a different country where barely any home users use Fsecure. I doubt whether there are more than 1000 home users. May be that is the reason there are some occasional problems caused from the servers' end.

    For me following are the version numbers

    fsecure safe - 19.4

    fsecure browser extension - 5.5.13

    chrome - 125.0.6422.61

    windows 11 pro 23h2