removed Freedome still interfering with F-Secure VPN

LOeilCurieux Posts: 3 Observer

When I inactivate F-Secure VPN and then try to activate it, I have a pop up message (see attached file) and I can't activate it.
I need to restart my iMac to have F-Secure running (launched at start up)
it seems kind of "freedome" ghost is still haunting my iMac although I did remote it after installing F-Secure VPN.
My iMac (3,1 GHz Intel Core i5 quatre cœurs) is running macOS Monterey 12.7.4


  • Larynx
    Larynx Posts: 28 Enthusiast

    In the F-Secure folder under Applications you'll find the uninstaller tool. Run it to uninstall everything. Then log into your My F-Secure account and install the software again.

  • LOeilCurieux
    LOeilCurieux Posts: 3 Observer

    I did uninstall F-Secure with the uninstaller tool.
    Install it again: no change :-(
    same message related to Freedome VPN to be removed….

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