VPN Server in Finland slow

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What ISDN connection is that Finnish VPN server behind, as the connections are stuttering so badly. When you switch to, for example, a Swedish server, it works much better. Get those cables sorted out there!


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    What's your VPN protocol/Internet Provider ? , Elisa: 100/100 FTTB/ETH works well with F-Secure VPN(Ike2) in Finland..(7.5.2024 09.20)

    • At the time being,there is no stable version of the new F-secure VPN(without chromium based browser(Chrome,Edge,Brave settings changes)
    • chrome://flags/#enable-tls13-kyber for Chrome
      edge://flags/#enable-tls13-kyber for Edge
      brave://flags/#enable-tls13-kyber for Brave
    • And according https://status.f-secure.com/ there is a "major outage" in Home Products(Safe) ,but i don't know what it means ?


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    Noted the same. Finnish server / connection has been ridiculous last few days. Switching to any other site works well. There is competition in this market… so do something if you want to keep your clients.

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