I've uninstalled F-secure. I purchased it 1 week ago.It has never woked. No one replied to posts

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What a crap company! I used them whilst living in Finland and now that I am back in the Uk I thought that I would continue with them as I received excellent service. Bad move and a waste of money!

I've been using f-secure for less than a week. it has never worked! My notepad works much better with F-secure switched off.

VPn has caused so many problems that it doesn't allow me to connect to any website in less than 5 minuites. I've sent messages, contacted technical support and no one has replied.

I've just uninstalled f-secure as I suspect no one can be bothered to sort the technical issues out. Pathetic companmy with intolerable actions. Don't like my comments, they wouldn't have been made if someone did theit job properly and fixed the problem.

I want to leave very negative feedback. Unfortunately, there is now where wher I can leave feedback. I now know why!

I will be seeking legal advice with regards to a refund. I purchased a product which isn't fit for service and failed in a spetacular why to perform the tasks that I paid for. IOt may be software, but I have 30 days of consumer rights as I made the purchase over the internet. Better pass this on to your lawyers as I have no way of contacting them. Consider this to be notice served for legal action against f-secure.

I can't even leave tags to describe how bad your service is. By the way, preventing people from leaving negative feedback is against UK law.