Freedome VPN causes SSL error

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  • ScandinavianRM
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    So. I have experienced this problem with the same error message - or others - the whole time while using F-secure Freedome VPN. The result? Websites nod being loaded while VPN was turned on. And I've been using this software for years now.

    Some sites doesn't load while the VPN has been turned on however I tried, some pages was loaded if I went through a search engine and most of the websites has worked just fine.

    But as of today, I am able to reach zero sites while the VPN is on. Even public sites that works on other devices at the exact same time. I've tried to change the protocol, and many other tewaks.

    Here is what I want;

    1. a solution to the bad experience
    2. a possibility to send an e-mail about it and recieve and answer

    I don't have time to sift through pages and pages of comments and whatnot.

    Im using windows 11 and on that OS I'm using Edge and Firefox.

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    The company, which focuses on consumer information security products, still has some challenges in the development of customer support services and this community is not really one either. However, I would assume that in the future this will be taken into account. Are the problems you have observed in the VPN service of the F-Secure 19.3 Total product occurred on certain VPN servers used or are they independent of them. ..

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    You can expect some VPN changes later this year focused on speed and stability improvements.

    Related to #2, feel free to contact our support on

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