FS ID Monitoring bug with login mail entered: confirmation mail unnecessary



While configuring ID Guardian to monitor key accounts, I decided this time to include the email address I use to connect on my FS Protection portal.

I got a mail to confirm the email address, which should not be received as the email address is already confirmed as being mine (same address to connect into my account). I clicked on the button to confirm the email address and got this error message:

I confirm the email address is shown as being verified in ID Guardian and has been shown as-is right after entering the email address and after the popup message stating a confirmation mail has been sent (so, prior receiving the mail and interacting with it).

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  • CarolinaC
    CarolinaC Posts: 108 Moderator

    Hello @melvinmajor ,

    thank you for contacting us.

    As I understand it, you receive this error when you try to enter your email to ID Guardian? If you enter the email address you have registered the account for the beta program, you do not need to enter the same email address as it is already being monitored since you used it as your primarily contact address. Unless you try to enter another email please let us know and we will look deeper into that issue to solve it.

    Best regards. :)

  • melvinmajor
    melvinmajor Posts: 7 Explorer

    Hello @CarolinaC ,

    Yes it is the same email address as the one I use to connect on the platform. It could be interesting to show by default the email address in ID Guardian so that users don't think they have to enter it.

    Best regards :)