Prevent login to my.F-Secure account until completing verification


We came upon a situation regarding the registration process of account.

Normally to register for a my.f-secure account the user first fills the registration form and click register to create the account.

At that time the users are able to fully access their my.f-secure portal account.

But they also need to click the link in the verification email they get from f-secure, in order to complete the registration process.

The problem is that because users can access the portal account before receiving the email, they believe that they finished the registration process, which is not true because the pending verification.

Since they have full access to the account users may:

- leave the verification for later which then they forget

- they may ignore the email as unnecessary

- the verification email might end in their junk folder

- in some few cases they never receive the email

As such they never click the verification link, which leads to the cancellation of the account after a few days.

This creates unnecessary workload because then a support case must be opened with your team, in order to correct the problem.

We believe that the registration process should change so that the users care not able to access the account unless the email verification has been completed first.

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  • Debby
    Debby Posts: 27 Contributor

    What I know is that

    1. Without verification of email, the program will not be able to log in.

    2. When you can log in to the account portal again, an unverified message will pop up, and there will be a try again button that you can click to send to your mailbox.