F-Secure Safe - WithSecure Plugin hosting service - High power and Memory usage


Recetnly I have renwed my subscription to F-Secure Safe and started using it again. Ever since that I have noticed that my laptop is running low on battery way quicker than before and as a result of that I have noticed on Task manager that WithSecure Plugin hosting service is taking almost the same amount of memory usage as Google Chrome, which is a bit strange. To my knowledge it is supposed to be running in the background and scan files for viruses, but I don't understand why is taking so much power. It is taking so much power even when there isn't any programmes opened or any files being used.

I have tried to clean reinstall the entire programme, but to no avail. Couldn't find anything else that I haven't tried already.

I'd be very grateful for any tips recommedations to resolve this issue.

If it is any help, my laptop is somewhat strong despite being mostly for work. It has Intel Core i7 11th gen and 16 GB of RAM.

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